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Thoughts and feelings I went through as an ADHD child
Thoughts and feelings I went through as an ADHD child

Thoughts and feelings I went through as an ADHD child

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Now, I am 35years old successful entrepreneur. I would like to share with you my experience as an ADHD child.

I was just 8 years old when I was diagnosed with ADHD. Like most kids I too had a life of both conflicts and support from my parents. But in my case, fights with my parents triggered when I could not complete an assigned task. The support extended towards my development seemed to be like a constant nagging but I had no choice.

I would not want to withhold any information but just to get an answer for 1 simple question; I was asked 100 questions by parents to get the information they needed. The struggle my parents had to go through for my behavioural disorder was the saddest part for me for which I feel bad till date. A simple question like, “What do you have for homework today?” was like a big hurdle for me to answer. They would make many attempts by asking the same things in a different manner, just to get the right answer.

When I think about my school days, I feel that I have missed a lot because I had trouble listening, paying attention and completing a given task whether it is homework from school or doing normal household chores. I had great difficulties in making friends.

 People thought and looked at me differently. I heard them often say that I was retarded, I had a disability and I did not understand what they were trying to say. They just could never understand that I was differently abled and did not do anything on purpose.

Some students would say, “I have ADHD, so I have not done my homework” this would make me feel more miserable because they knew that I was suffering from ADHD.

The day I would hear these things, I would get more hyper and impulsive. I could never understand the reason of people shaming or making fun of a child who was not normal like them. I would just break down and would just cry and cry inconsolably. I constantly felt that nobody loved me in school. I would go back home crying and my mother kept re-assuring me that I was a normal and a good child. This helped me build my confidence every time I was put down in school.

Today, I feel blessed to have my parents in my life and supported me to make me what I am today. They tried very hard and without their support I would not have been able to cope with my ADHD.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  is a behavioural disorder found in many children and adults.

Cause of ADHD

Although the exact cause of ADHD has not yet been identified, heredity makes the largest contribution to the expression of this disorder. In cases where heredity does not seem to be a factor, difficulties during pregnancy, prenatal exposure to alcohol and tobacco, premature delivery, significantly low birth weight, excessively high body lead levels, and postnatal injury to the prefrontal regions of the brain has been found to contribute to the risk for ADHD to varying degrees.

ADHD treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) treatment has multidimensional approach. Medicines alone cannot help a child suffering from ADHD. The best approach to treat an ADHD child would be with homeopathic medicines. Every child with ADHD disorder is different. The level of sensitivity is also different. Homeopathic treatment for ADHD  is an individualistic one. It gets into every minute detail right from its birth and every milestone. This makes every child unique and then the prescribed homeopathic medicine helps to improve the ADHD symptoms.

Apart from this, the parents of ADHD children have to give their 200% to help their child grow like other normal kids. Organizing their child and help them improve the focus is by exercising with the child. Making to-do list, representing information in the form of pictures would help to improve the child’s memory and help them focus better. Advocating for their child is the most important thing a parent of ADHD child should do. ADHD children go through bad emotional turmoil’s which can be relieved only when they are sure that their parents are there by their side. Re-assurance is what an ADHD child looks for. Do not lose your patience and help your child heal.