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  • Jul 14,2017

    Dr Batra’s Super Speciality Homeopathy Clinic in Kandivali

    Dr. Batras' Positive Health Clinic Pvt. Ltd. (DBPHCPL), World’s largest chain of Homeopathy clinics, announced the opening of its 1st clinic in Kandivali and 14th Clinic in Mumbai…

  • Mar 30,2013

    Homeopathy pops a growth pill in Gujarat

    While the homeopathy industry in the country clocking a 30 per cent growth rate, the homeopathic clinics in the state seem to have received a shot in the arm, with some of them…

  • Mar 13,2013

    Dr Batra's eyes expansion of homeopathy clinics in Tier II & III cities

    Privately held healthcare firm Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd, which runs a string of homeopathy clinic chain under Dr Batra’s brand, is looking to open 150 new outlets…

  • Mar 13,2013

    Dr Batra’s plans to add 150 new outlets by 2016

    Homoeopathic clinics chain Dr Batra’s plans to add 150 outlets by 2016, as part of its network expansion strategy, targeting tier II and III towns. The company has tied up with…

  • Jan 04,2013

    Dr Batra's launches B Perfect clinic in Hyderabad

    The world’s largest homeopathic healthcare corporate, Dr Batra’s today launched ‘B Perfect’ – its day-care aesthetic clinic providing hair transplant and skin-care solutions –…

  • Aug 02,2012

    Monsoon Hair Care Tips By Dr Akshay Batra

    My friends and I love to get wet in the rain. Trust me it is lots of fun for those of us living in Delhi (I can’t say what lovely girls of Mumbai think). But singing and dancing…

  • Apr 23,2012

    How to stay healthy in summer

    Dr Mukesh Batra says you need to take care during summer. Summer means fun and frolic but people sometimes forget that the scorching summer sun is not as kind on their skin as…

  • Mar 25,2012

    Winning medical respect for homoeopathy

    “Homoeopathy many years ago was like the papad industry until Lijjat came and took it over! It was unorganised, with lots of players,” exclaims Dr Mukesh Batra. He is the Founder…

  • Mar 01,2012

    When safety precedes all else: Dr Mukesh Batra

    BANGALORE: Over 250 people die due to a plane crash, but thousands of people succumb to iatrogenic diseases every year. What areiatrogenic diseases? They are nothing but an…

  • Feb 22,2012

    Govts ignoring homeopathy: Dr Mukesh Batra

    The Central and State Governments need to do a lot more than mere recognition provided to enable the homeopathy system of medicine to flourish and grow on an encouraging rate, a…