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Patient Experience

Patient first philosophy

We at Dr Batras™ put our patients at the heart of everything we do. While we are extremely gratified to be recognised as the worlds largest chain of homeopathy clinics, we continue to strive incessantly to provide world-class and compassionate care to our patients at every step along their journey with us.

To augment medical treatment outcomes and maximise the benefits we offer to our patients, we address every aspect of our patients encounter with us, including their physical comfort, as well as their educational and emotional needs.

Mystery audits

We conduct compliance and patient satisfaction audits on a regular basis. Third-party mystery customers visit our clinics and audit every person involved in patient care. The medical audit department also does a regular review of treatments and processes at Dr Batras™. This helps to keep track of our performance as well as maintain the value of the treatment and convenience provided to the patients.

This has resulted in high patient satisfaction rate at all our clinics.

Live feedback

We continually review opportunities to improve patient experience. Live patient feedback is encouraged in all our clinics. All our patients are expected to register their feedback through a tablet that is available at all our clinics.

By monitoring real-time patient feedback, individual departments including the clinic head as well as the patient experience team are able to review their results and prioritise patient experience improvement objectives.

We share our positive survey scores and written compliments with our staff to reassure them in their daily efforts.

Recruiting for Empathy

Healthcare needs empathy. Inherent skills of empathy are one of the primary qualities we check while recruiting our doctors. Psychometric analysis of the staff is encouraged before we recruit them, to ensure the right fit to match our organisational values.