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 Dr Batra’s™  February 15, 2021


A large population of men and women residing in Dubai experience hair loss. Hair experts believe that the hard water in Dubai is one of the major causes of hair fall. Chlorine in desalinated water can cause dry hair. It can also cause harmful scalp build-up that can clog hair follicles and cause hair loss.

An extremely hot climate, chlorinated water, stressful lifestyle choices and styling products are some of the common factors that cause hair fall. 

Therefore, it is important to maintain healthy hair growth which eventually helps in preventing hair loss.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Hair

Healthy Diet -The body requires energy to maintain hair growth and repair existing weak hair follicles. Therefore, adding vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet is helpful. 

Moisture - Use organic products like coconut oil, olive oil, or yogurt to moisturize the hair. It maintains the protein levels and supports hair growth as well.

Natural Remedies - Natural remedies like Aloe Vera, Lemon and Curry Leaves can boost hair growth. The use of Aloe Vera refreshes the scalp and unclogs blocked pores. Its medicinal properties help in dandruff treatment too. Lemon is known for its Vitamin C content that helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants. It moisturizes the scalp and removes dead hair follicles promoting healthy hair regrowth. 

Massage - Massaging the scalp effectively increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. 

Use Cold Water - Avoid hot water as it washes away essential oils from the hair leading to hair breakage. Rinse hair with cold water.

Hair Styling - Let your hair dry naturally. Do not use straighteners or curlers. Instead, you can use soft foam rollers or a hairbrush. Avoid heating the hair as it impacts moisture.


Men and women are born with millions of hair follicles on the body. It is estimated that over 1,00,000 follicles are present on the head of an infant. Hair has its own growth cycle, and hair shedding is part of the cycle. Therefore, losing 50 - 100 hair strands a day is common for a healthy individual without a hair loss problem.

Various factors like genetics, certain medications, emotional and physical stress, underlying diseases and hormonal changes affect the natural hair growth in men and women and cause hair loss.

Natural hair loss remedies are effective in controlling these problems. You can follow simple hair loss remedies in the comfort of the home.

Find some helpful hair loss remedies below:

-Wash hair regularly and gently

-Avoid vigorous brushing of wet hair for long periods of time

-Avoid hairstyles that put stress on the hair and damage hair follicles

-Regular exercise and good health boost hair growth and prevent hair loss

-Sleep well for at least 6 - 8 hours

-Include an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in your diet

-Keep away from hair colouring agents containing chemicals 

-Avoid heating of hair as moisture is important for hair growth

-Keep yourself hydrated as it supports healthy hair growth

-Protect your hair from pollution and extremely hot climate 

-Practise Yoga and Meditation to reduce unwanted stress

If unexplained and excessive hair loss occurs, contact hair experts at Dr Batra’s. The professional team of doctors and experts at Dr Batra’s will provide you with effective hair loss remedies and homeopathy treatment solutions.


In healthy men and women, hair growth, hair fall, and hair regrowth are part of the natural hair growth cycle. Hair loss occurs when the natural hair growth cycle is disturbed due to underlying health conditions, genetics, stress and other factors.

Read on for some of the conditions in men and women where hair regrowth is  possible. 

Excessive Stress - Excessive physical or emotional stress can cause temporary hair loss. In such cases, hair regrowth is possible once the individual is healthy and fit again.

Nutrition Deficiency - Nutritional deficiency is a well-known cause of hair loss in both men and women. A nutritional diet that includes necessary vitamins and minerals supports hair regrowth. 

Childbirth - In women, childbirth often leads to temporary hair loss. Thus, the chances of hair regrowth are very high after recovering from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Medical Treatment - Chemotherapy treatment causes hair loss in patients. Hair regrowth happens when the individual gets back to health. 

Alopecia Areata - It is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Hair follicles regenerate and hair regrowth occurs when the immune system is brought under control. 

Food for Hair Regrowth

Nutritious food is essential for hair regrowth. Therefore, choose food wisely. 

Salmon - The Omega-3 fatty acids present in Salmon boost hair strength and support hair regrowth.

Walnuts - Rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, Walnuts protect hair and prevent damage. 

Eggs- Eggs improve the health of the hair as they contain a variety of essential nutrients like protein, zinc, iron, etc. 

Spinach - Spinach is rich in iron, nutrients and anti-oxidants which help in keeping hair feeling fresh and very healthy.

Sweet Potatoes - It is the best food for hair regrowth and regeneration as it contains plenty of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6 and copper.


At Dr Batra’s, UAE, personalized homeopathic treatment for hair growth is provided after analyzing and understanding the type and cause of hair loss.


Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment

  1. Medicines made from natural extracts of plants and minerals are used for hair growth
  1. Free from side-effects with homeopathic medicine
  1. Treats the root cause of hair loss
  1. No restrictions on food consumption
  1. Customized treatment as per individual needs

Hair Vitalizing Treatment for Hair Growth

It is a supplementary treatment that boosts vitality. HVT sessions will be suggested by the experts based on your hair loss condition.

Benefits of HVT include:   

  1. It is a non-invasive process
  2. Improves and increases blood circulation which is essential for strong hair
  3. Session takes only 20 minutes
  4. The treatment is US FDA approved
  5. Boosts vitality and reduced breakage

Highlights of Dr Batra’s Homeopathy Treatment

  1. Dr Batra’s hair growth treatment blends Homeopathy, Trichology and the power of Technology and provides innovative solutions for hair loss problems in men and women. 
  2. Customized hair growth treatmentis offered to the patient after understanding three hair loss factors namely; Extent of hair loss, Grade of baldness and Hair & Scalp condition.
  3. Regular monitoring mechanisms are in place to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment and the progress of the patient. 


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