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Do adults have ADHD? Know more

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Do you have trouble being organized or do you find yourself driving recklessly despite several warnings? Do you get distracted easily or feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities always? If so, you may be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is the behavioural disorder, often seen in children but it affects adults as well. In case you haven’t been diagnosed with it as a child, there is a possibility that you might see the symptoms of ADHD as an adult.

Life with ADHD can be stressful, as the condition affects everything from your relationships to your career. It is therefore important to diagnose and treat ADHD.

How do you know that you have ADHD?

  • You have trouble concentrating: You will have trouble focusing on certain tasks. Adults with ADHD are able to focus better on things they find interesting but often have difficulty staying focused on ordinary tasks. They get easily distracted by even slightest of the sounds. You will often see them bouncing from one activity to another or get bored quickly with any particular task.  

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  • You are impulsive: People with ADHD find it difficult to inhibit their behaviours, and responses. They react without worrying about the consequences. This makes them interrupt others, give comments at inappropriate times and rush through the tasks without understanding the instructions properly. They often act on impulse and may dive into situations that are potentially risky.
  • You have difficulty dealing with emotions: Adults with ADHD have a tough time managing their emotions like anger, sadness or frustration.
  • You are hyperactive or restless: Like children with ADHD, even the adults with it, are hyperactive and restless.
  • You are disorganized and often forget things: People with ADHD often seem disorganized and get out of control at times. Staying on top of the things is challenging for them and so is sorting out what information is relevant for any task and what is not. They find it difficult to prioritize their tasks, keep track of them and manage their time well.


ADHD needs treatment

It is a myth that ADHD goes on its own and does not need treatment. The symptoms of ADHD do not go away on its own. In fact, ADHD worsens over time and causes social as well as emotional difficulties if not treated. Amongst many problems faced by the adults with ADHD, few major concern areas that occur due to delayed treatment are anxiety & depression, constant boredom, chronic forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, no control on emotions like anger, problems at work, impulsiveness, low self-esteem, poor organization skills and relationship problems.

Homeopathic treatment for ADHD not only offers relief from ADHD symptoms but it also heals patients holistically by treating the root cause of ADHD. It helps adults to improve their focus and impulse control. Homeopathic medicines for ADHD are natural and free from side-effects. The right homeopathic remedy produces a noticeable change in behavioural problems.