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How to prevent hair fall with these 5 effective steps?
How to prevent hair fall with these 5 effective steps?

How to prevent hair fall with these 5 effective steps?

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 Dr Batra’s™  November 23, 2020

It’s alright to have hair loss, around 50 to 100 hair strands in a day, as part of a normal process of the hair growth cycle. Each strand of our hair is part of this cycle wherein they are created, grow and eventually fall off. And thankfully, the strands that falls are replaced by new ones. However, it feels terrible to see more hair strands than normal, gather on our comb.

If you have hair loss, it might be due to nutritional deficiencies, stress and depression, postpartum hair loss, or it could even be hereditary hair loss. Read on to unravel the secret to beautiful, luscious andthick hair.

Read about various hair loss conditions:

  1. Maintain good scalp hygiene: Just because the coronavirus pandemic has ensured we stay locked up in our homes, you cannot skip scalp hygiene. You should be washing your hair once or twice a week. Hair cleansing prevents scalp buildup which can clog your hair follicles, causing hair fall. Remember, excessive washing is not advisable because it can strip your scalp of its natural oils that are essential for healthy hair growth.

After shampooing, use a mild moisturizing and nourishing conditioner. Apply it only on the hair strands and not on the scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing, for smooth luscious hair.

  1. Be gentle with your hair: When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage. Avoid drying your hair aggressively with a towel. Being gentle to avoid hair fall.

When the hair is dry and damaged, its cuticle (outer cellular layer of the hair) is raised and remains open. These open layers get entangled with each other, causing tangles, knots with severe hair fall. Use a wide-tooth comb while detangling your hair, to avoid breakage.

Try using a wooden comb to prevent hair fall, caused due to static electricity — which is quite common with plastic combs. To remove stubborn hair tangles, always divide your hair into small sections and comb from the bottom and then the top.

  1. Avoid chemical or heating products: Heating products and chemicals can cause heavy hair fall. If you are facing hair fall problems, take a break from using any chemical or heating tools for hair fall control.

Additionally, you should stop using hair colours and dyes for the sake of healthy hair growth. Ammonia is a common ingredient in many contemporary hair colours. It serves the purpose of breaking through the hair cuticles and allowing the hair colour to deposit itself. Ammonia is also known to cause allergic reactions, skin burns, dermatitis, and trigger respiratory diseases. Remember, just because a certain hair colour does not contain ammonia, it does not mean it is safe to use. Monoethanolamine (MEA), the chemical used to replace ammonia in hair colours is also a reason for hair fall.

  1. Home remedies for hair fall: You don’t always need a salon when you have the option of trying out home remedies to fix your hair woes. A hot oil massage, for example, is not just soothing, but an effective hair growth treatment. According to a research study by NCBI, a scalp massage results in thick hair by inducing stretching forces to hair follicle dermal papilla cells (HFDPC) in the subcutaneous tissue. The warm oil not only increases the blood circulation but also penetrates deeper into the pores, nourishing your hair and scalp. Regular essential oil massages with coconut or tea tree (melaleuca) can reverse the damage, soften your hair strands and restore healthy hair.
  2. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall: Ayurveda has the answer to all your hair woes including hair fall. Using bhringraj oil (false daisy) or triphala (3 fruits — bibhitaki, amalaka &haritaki)is very beneficial when it comes to hair fall treatment.

Triphala is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants for healthy hair and is an effective hair breakage treatment. Bhringraj oil on the other hand, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

  1. Take hair growth supplements: Lack of vitamins in your diet can cause hair fall. Taking multivitamin supplements provides a boost of nourishment to your body which can help you reduce hair fall. However, we recommend that you include such supplements in your daily routine only after consulting your hair doctor. Five hair growth vitamins that you can swear by with their natural resources, to avoid hair fall are:
    1. Vitamin A — spinach, carrot, tomato, sweet potato, milk, eggs, mango, papaya and watermelon.
    2. Biotin for hair growth — egg yolk, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, milk, cheese and yogurt.
    3. Vitamin C — citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, amla and strawberries.
    4. Vitamin D — egg yolk, fish (salmon), mushrooms, oats, soy milk and tofu.
    5. Vitamin E — spinach, broccoli, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, mango and kiwi.

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How to prevent hair fall with these 5 effective steps?


  1. Yoga for hair fall: If the reasons behind your hair fall include lifestyle changes or hormonal issues, yoga can be extremely beneficial. Yoga will help you manage stress and is effective in maintaining hormonal balance. When these underlying issues are resolved, there will also be hair restoration. Certain yoga poses also increase the blood flow to your scalp, promoting hair growth, such as:
    1. Pranayama or full yogic breath: If stress and depression is the culprit behind your crown hair loss; try pranayama to reach a meditative state and calm your mind.
    2. Anulomaviloma or alternate nostril breathing: Another way is to do pranayama with this pose to reduce stress and relax.
    3. Sirsasana or headstand: Get upside down to lighten up! The health benefits of sirsasana are astonishing: it reverses ageing, increases blood flow to the brain, tranquilizes and mellows the nervous system.
    4. Sarvangasana or shoulder stand: If your thyroid related problems are the reasons of hair loss then try sarvangasana to balance the thyroid hormone and improve hair fall.
  2. Take care of your hair while sleeping: Try braiding your hair before going to bed. This will reduce hair fall caused by friction due to the contact between your hair and pillow. You can also switch to silk pillow covers as a hair fall treatment.

Reducing hair fall is possible if you make these simple changes to your lifestyle. However, we do recommend that you see a hair specialist to rule out any underlying reasons for hair loss.

Homeopathic Medicinesfor Hair Loss

Made from natural ingredients, homeopathic medicines for hair fall have no harmful effects. Homeopathic treatment does not suppress symptoms to provide temporary relief, but targets the root cause of your hair fall. Homeopathic treatment also takes into account the underlying conditions that may be contributing to your hair loss.

Additionally, we highly recommended you to take Dr Batra’s™ hair loss evaluation test in order to assess the current state of your hair problems. Dr Batra’s™ has successfully treated more than 350,000 hair loss patients with a 96.6% patient satisfaction rate — as authenticated by the American Quality Assessors. The homeopathic specialist will customise your hair treatment after considering specific conditions that affect hair regrowth. Book an appointment with us at Dr Batra’s™ and let our homeopathic doctor guide you towards the most suitable hair regrowth treatment.

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