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Treatment for Hairloss in Homoeopathy

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Hair regrowth largely depends on the hair problem you are diagnosed with and how much it has progressed. For example: Male Patterned Baldness in its early stages responds well to treatment. In advance stages it may not be possible to bring back your lost hair but the progress of hair loss can be slowed down. On the other hand, hair loss is 100% reversible in cases of patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), or after a bout of fever (typhoid, malaria), or anaemia. Hair loss is not reversible in scarring hair loss. It’s best to consult a trichologist for a personalized review for each individual case.

Most cases of hair loss require long term treatment (often for years). Hair growth cycle is of 3-7years. It is important not to lose patience during treatment because impatience and resulting stress will slow down the process of recovery.

Consider it a lifestyle illness, much like high blood pressure or diabetes where you keep taking pills for all your life to keep them under control. This holds good for progressive hair loss. You have to keep taking medicines for a long time, but then it’s worth your time and effort.

Homoeopathy for treatment of Hairloss

  • Homoeopathic medicines show good long term response in male and female patterned baldness.
  • Homeopathy is free from any side-effects. Not only do homoeopathic medicines reduce hairloss but they also protect the body from harmful side-effects (such as decreased libido, ejaculation problems) that are common with conventional drugs.
  • Homoeopathy is a holistic medicine and treats the patient as well as the pathology. Hence thyroid, PCOS can be simultaneously treated in Homoeopathy without having 10 different medicines unlike conventional medicines.
  • Stress in females which are the major cause hairloss can be very effectively treated with homoeopathy.
  • Homoeopathy treats not only all physical complaints, but also targets the mind and gently restores mind-body equilibrium - thus it treats the patient as a whole.
  • Homoeopathy has remedies such as Thuja Occidentalis and Sabal Serrulata which have been very effective in treating hair loss. These two homeopathic medicines are cited with natural DHT- inhibitor action i.e. they control hairloss caused by DHT without side-effects.
  • Hair lotions available in market to control hair loss are very high in chemicals and can cause a chemical burns on the scalp skin leading to permanent hairloss and scars in the affected areas. Homoeopathy has no such side-effects as the medicines are oral medicines.