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Millennial Hair Loss
Millennial Hair Loss

Millennial Hair Loss

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

The hair on the floor keeps increasing as Priya combs through her locks in the college restroom. She has always been proud of her beautiful hair and seeing so many of them scattered on the floor everyday just breaks her heart. Zaid on the other hand misses all the cool hairstyles he did while in college. He really stood out in group pictures because of his hair. Now that he has been working for a few years, he realized sadly that he still stood out in the pictures, but because of his receding hairline.

Hair loss and baldness are generally associated with ageing. However, the problem seems to be taking a leap backwards. Many youngsters today seem to be struggling with the problem of hair loss .And it is particularly high among millennials (aged between 23 to 38 years).  The reasons for this sudden increase in hair loss among millennials are being linked to many causes:


Millennials are more stressed than their older and younger generations. Based on a survey by American Psychological Association, millennials are most stressed when it comes to money, work, family responsibilities, relationships, job stability and personal safety. [1] Stress can lead to conditions like telogen effluvium where stress pushes many hair follicles into resting phase after which they eventually fall out. Apart from this it can also cause Trichotillomania where an individual has an irresistible urge to pull out hair from his/her scalp, eyebrows or other areas of the body. In an extreme case, it can also lead to alopecia areata where the body's immune system attacks the hair follicles leading to hair loss.    


Diet has a major influence on the health of your hair. Failure to take care of your diet is a major reason for hair loss. The growing trend of vegetarianism and veganism is being adopted by many millennials. While adopting a new course of diet is not harmful in itself, a sudden shortage of protein, zinc, vitamin D and other nutrients which are present in ample quantities in meat can lead to hair loss.


Hairstyling products and trends have found their way into the homes of many millennials. Compared to the older generation, millennials are not dependent on salons for their hair styling needs. With the technological advancements, people can easily straighten, curl, blow dry, and color their hair at home. This ease in access has led to many of the millennials giving frequent hairstyling a thumbs-up. Excessive heat ends up altering the hair structure over a period of time, making it brittle and dry and prone to breakage, thus increasing hair loss.

Independent Life and Undependable Lifestyle

Most millennials are striving hard to live an independent life. It is a generation torn between their need to adhere to the norms or to rise above them. With this constant rush comes a lifestyle which is the biggest nemesis of this generation. Irregular eating, sleeping and working patterns have put their health at risk leading to a string of lifestyle-related ailments including hair loss.

Apart from these causes, there have also been significant changes in the environment, the economy, the government, and on many other forefronts. All of these also have a significant impact on every generation. While it is kind of difficult to control these factors, it is totally possible to control hair loss. Homeopathy has been trusted by many to treat hair loss in a natural and safe way. Along with the hair loss, it also treats the underlying causes for hair loss like anemia, thyroid, PCOS, and so on.

As a generation, well we’re not perfect. But our hair can totally be. So take your first steps towards preserving your locks and we can be a generation with the best hairgoals.