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Is it possible to re-grow hair naturally

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Hair loss can affect men, women, and children. Everyone loses hair each day as a normal part of the hair growth cycle, but excessive hair loss requires special attention. There are plenty of natural methods that can help you prevent hair loss and re-grow hair. However, it is important to remember that not all the methods address your problem from the root and give you permanent results. They may superficially treat your problem and give you a temporary relief. So, if you are looking for a natural and long-lasting solution for hair re-growth and hair loss, you can try holistic homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy works effectively in treating all your hair-related issues. It is absolutely natural and is individual medicine. It is not a one-suit-fits-all. Homeopathy never suggests the same remedy for two different people. When you’ll visit a homeopath for hair loss treatment, the homeopathic doctor will take an in-depth review of your individual health status, your temperament, personality, likes and dislikes, sentiments and sensibilities. The doctor may conduct a video microscopic test of your hair and scalp to assess the degree of miniaturization of hair follicles. This test magnifies your hair follicle and scalp up to 200 times and helps our doctors understand the condition of your scalp and hair strands, the density of hair on your scalp, and thickness of hair strands.

This will be used to guide the selection of an individualized treatment best suitable for your needs. Homeopathic treatment suggested for your hair condition may comprise of a supplementary treatment called as Hair Vitalising Treatment (HVT).

HVT is a new innovation that forms one of the base spectrum treatments for hair loss. It is a non-invasive option for treating hair loss. It decreases inflammation and increases the blood flow and oxygen supply to the root of your hair and scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. It also brings about a nutrient-rich environment to the hair follicle, while promoting healthier natural hair overall.

It is effective for both men and women. It is really useful for patients who have started losing their hair. It is more useful for the young people, who have suddenly started seeing excessive hair loss. For example, there are seven different grades of male pattern hair loss, one of the common types of hair loss seen in men. The first grade is when you just start to lose hair and the seventh grade is when you have only the horseshoe left and everything else is gone. So, HVT doesn’t work for grade five, six, and seven, but it will work very well for one, two, three, and four. Simply to understand, it works very well when you start taking treatment in the initial stages of losing hair. In addition, our doctors will also guide you for proper nutrition intake, exercise and healthy lifestyle routine that will help in getting better and long-lasting treatment result for re-growth and hair loss.