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Is it good to exfoliate eczema skin

Is it good to exfoliate eczema skin?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 5, 2021

Our skin forms a very important part of our appearance, and a skin condition like eczema can make many people feel conscious. Eczema can also be insanely itchy and sometimes – extremely painful when you try to wash it or exfoliate. Surprisingly, exfoliation is extremely beneficial for eczema skin

How does exfoliation help in eczema?

Exfoliation is an essential part of eczema care because it cleans accumulated dried and dead skin cells that can exacerbate eczema. It may also let natural eczema treatments penetrate the affected area more effectively.

Due to sensitive and broken skin, exfoliating eczema can be tricky. With vigilant care and the use of the right products, you can easily exfoliate your eczema patch at home. 

How should you exfoliate eczema?

Use a gentle soap

The first step is to make sure that you use a natural soap that is gentle enough for your skin and provides moisture. Regular soaps can end up stripping away moisture from the skin barrier.

Use a gentle scrubbing tool

Along with natural eczema soap, you should opt for a gentle scrubbing tool. Because eczema-prone skin is sensitive, make sure to opt for a scrubbing tool that is not too abrasive to exfoliate eczema. A gentle brush can help to lift dead skin cells while keeping the skin safe. Alternatively, a silicone brush with small gentle bristles can be even better for skin that is inflamed and extremely sensitive. Use the brush gently and do not scrub.

Moisturize your skin after exfoliation

Since eczema-prone skin lacks moisture, make sure to apply a thick, natural moisturizer after you exfoliate eczema. Not only will this keep your skin healthy, but it also reduces chances of infection and inflammation.

Moisturize your skin after exfoliation


Things you should avoid doing

Although it can be a good idea to exfoliate eczema, there are things you should avoid when exfoliating. 

Do not exfoliate every day

Exfoliation must be kept to a minimum, especially when you suffer from eczema. Over-exfoliation can lead to irritation and can strip moisture off the skin barrier.

Don’t scrub

Since eczema-prone skin is sensitive, you mustn’t scrub the area. Instead, try to exfoliate your eczema as gently as possible. You can press down on the area with gentle circles or sweep the dead skin, but do not scrub. Scrubbing will only extend the healing time and cause further irritation.

Do not exfoliate on weeping, oozing eczema

If you experience weeping or oozing eczema, do not exfoliate. Eczema exfoliation is meant to help thick, dry eczema.

Exfoliation can help you manage eczema in a much better way. However, it is not a solution to your eczema problem. To treat eczema effectively requires expert medical attention.

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Homeopathy treatment for eczema

Homeopathy is one of the most effective ways to treat eczema. Conventional medicines may provide temporary relief with the suppression of symptoms. Homeopathy aims at treating the underlying causes of eczema, without any side-effects. 

If asthma or hay fever co-exists, merely treating the skin will not improve eczema. With homeopathy, the treatment simultaneously heals overall immune weakness and associated allergies. A homeopath provides individualized treatment for each patient following a detailed consultation including a personal and family medical history, diet, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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Case Study

According to a case study published in ResearchGate, a 44-year-old male patient presented with an eczema condition over the face, hands, chest and neck. He was treated with homeopathic medicinessulfur and graphites, without the aid of steroids and emollients. On the last follow-up (7th month of treatment), the patient had clear and healthy skin.


At Dr Batra’s®, with our experience in Homeopathy, we have treated over 3 lakh patients suffering from skin conditions, including eczema with a 94.3% positive treatment outcome (authenticated by the American Quality Assessors). Book an appointment with our expert homeopaths to get a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for eczema skin disease.

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