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Did you know there are different types of acne? – Try Homeopathy!

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 8, 2020

Acne is a skin condition under which the hair follicles are filled with oil and dead cells on the skin. There are different types of acne and we can categorize it as blackheads, pimples and oily skin. Acne is very commonly observed among teenagers and young adults. Mostly, it affects areas where a large number of oil glands are present such as back of the body, shoulders face and chest. In such a scenario, most people suffer from low confidence levels, anxiety that might further lead to depression.

Let us understand the causes of Acne

Acne is a very troublesome problem to face especially if it is on the face. Mostly, when the dead skin cells surface up on your skin, they tend to exit through the pores of hair follicles. High content of oily sebum makes the dead skin cells to stick together. Furthermore, the stacked up dead skin cells and oily skin blocks the skin pores and cause acne.

Especially during puberty, high amount of hormones are secreted that leads to the production of sebum which further causes acne.

Types of Acne

  • Pustules: red in color and pus-filled painful pimples
  • Papules: appear as small pink bumps on the skin
  • Whiteheads: always present under the skin and very small in size
  • Blackheads: black in color, visible on the surface on the skin
  • Nodules: large in size and painful that are usually under the skin
  • Cyst: can be very painful and are pus-filled pimples on the skin

Homeopathic medicines for acne

Conventional drugs can cause harmful side effects whereas homeopathy treats acne from the root. Based on an individual’s health, habits, medical history and stress levels, we suggest a customized homeopathic plan. It helps in preventing acne, treating underlying medical disorders such as PCOS controls the oil levels on the skin and makes the skin clear.

Remedies for Acne

If you are suffering from stubborn acne and are looking for a long term solution, then homeopathy is the best option for you as it is safe, natural, pain free and effective without any side effects. Our team of experts will suggest a homeopathy treatment along with dietary and lifestyle changes. Don’t wait! Don’t let your acne get worse! Don’t let it lower your self-esteem! To book an appointment, visit us on

How to prevent and manage acne?

  • Since our skin accumulates a lot of dirt throughout the day, it is vital to wash your face atleast twice a day with a mild face wash
  • Scrubbing is NOT recommended as it can aggravate the infection further   
  • It is important not to prick the pimples as they tend to leave scars which are very difficult to get rid of
  • Oil based products and heavy make-up can cause further acne. Also, it is important to sleep properly and atleast for 8 hours
  • Stress can trigger hormones and can further worsen acne as it increases the production of cortisol that further leads to acne.
  • If you are experiencing underlying health disorders such as PCOS, then there are chances of you getting acne that can only be treated from within with Homeopathy.

Don’t wait.

Don’t take stress.

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