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Can alopecia areata be treated?
Can alopecia areata be treated?

Can alopecia areata be treated?

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Do you lose hair in patches? Are you noticing excessive hair fall on your pillow or in the shower? Are you experiencing hair loss from your beard?

Chances are high that you may be experiencing a hair loss condition called Alopecia Areata. It is one of the common types of hair loss, where hair falls out in patches. One may even lose all hair from the scalp (alopecia totalis) or from the body (alopecia universalis). The patches can appear suddenly, or in a relatively short span of time. In many cases, patchy hair loss is first noticed by the hairdresser – till then it often goes unnoticed.

Due to the strange appearance of alopecia areata symptoms, it often goes undiagnosed and hence the treatment becomes difficult.

However, the good news is that this condition responds well to treatment, especially during the early stages.

At times, the bald patches get filled with new hair on its own. But it’s not necessary that the refilled patch means that you are out of this problem. When one patch has refilled at the earlier spot, there could be appearance of a new patch simultaneously. Therefore, the aim of treatment of this hair disorder is to stop the appearance of new patches, re-growth of hair in the existing patches, and preventing the recurrence of the alopecia areata symptoms.

Is there any treatment which can help alopecia areata patients’ deal with the disorder effectively?

Alopecia Areata Treatments

The most common conventional treatment for Alopecia Areata is local steroidal injections with or without oral steroids. It has known side-effects when used on a long-term basis. Chances of recurrence are almost 50 percent with conventional methods of treatment for alopecia.

Homeopathy is the safest way to treat alopecia areata. It has a good clinical record in the treatment of alopecia areata. One of the key reasons why it works effectively is that it targets and corrects the altered immune function of the individual and brings it back to normalcy, over a period of time. Thus, the results are long-lasting, and not superficial.

A study conducted in Scotland revealed that 90% of patients with patchy hair loss opted for homeopathy as their first choice of treatment. Alopecia treatment in homeopathy actually helps to slow down the progression of bald patches and fills them up with new hair. Not only do homeopathic remedies reduce hair loss, but they also protect the body from harmful effects, which are common with conventional drugs used for hair loss (like permanent scarring on the scalp).

If alopecia treatment in homeopathy is considered as a treatment option in the early stage of the disease, then the overall control of the disease in future is much better. The duration of treatment in homeopathy will depend on the cause of alopecia as well as the severity of the condition. Large and multiple patches obviously take a long time to be treated as compared to smaller and fewer patches.

Homeopathic medicines for alopecia also help to deal with stress more effectively. They are absolutely free from side-effects.

So, if you are suffering from alopecia areata and looking for a safe and effective treatment option, try homeopathy. Sooner you take the treatment, better will be the results.

Few self-help tips.

  • Increase your intake of proteins like soya, fish, eggs, chicken, beans and legumes, fruits and green leafy vegetables, and raw unprocessed nuts.
  • Include pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds as they nourish your hair from the roots.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking adequate water.
  • Avoid smoking it would be great if you can give up smoking as it could lead to hair loss.
  • Work on your stress levels and try relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation.