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Baby fuss due to teething problem
Baby fuss due to teething problem

Baby fuss due to teething problem

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 Dr. Batra's™  July 7, 2020

It’s a wonderful feeling having a baby…..A start of a beautiful new journey. In this journey, you will see several milestones and at every step, you will learn something new. You will enjoy every moment, as every moment will be different. At some moment you might get worried about the things that will bother your child. You as a mother will be very happy to see your baby’s first tooth; it’s one of the joyous milestones for every mother. But you might be worried when you see your baby getting uncomfortable during the process of teething. Your child may be very disturbed and cranky and you will need to soothe your baby.

There is no specific age at which the baby starts teething. But generally babies get their first tooth between 4 and 7 months of age, but in some baby’s it can start much later. Usually, you will notice the front incisors first, but sometimes the top two might make their appearance first. Next, the canines will make their appearance and then the eight molars.

You need to know the signs of teething due to which your baby is disturbed. How will you know that?

Watch out for these teething signs in your baby -

  • you will notice your baby drooling often
  • you may see your baby gnaw on things, their fingers, or anything they can get the hands on
  • baby will become irritable, cranky and fussy
  • you might notice small bumps on the gum of your baby and this is when it starts hurting your baby, as the gums are tender and swollen and the teeth start poking through the gums
  • due to gum discomfort, the sleep might be disturbed or restless
  • your baby might refuse food due to the soreness of gums

Here are a few things you can do to provide relief to your baby from teething:

You can put gentle pressure on your child’s gums or gently rub with clean fingers. This will give your teething infant some relief. You can even let your baby bite on a clean washcloth.

You can give your baby a teething ring to gnaw on. See that the teething ring is clean every time you give it to your baby, to prevent any infection.

You can allow your baby to chew on soft food such as banana if she has been weaned. Please avoid giving hard food, as it can break into pieces and can choke your baby.

Giving something cold to your baby to hold in the mouth can help, like a cold pacifier, or a cold spoon. But avoid giving frozen teething toys as it might hurt your baby’s gums.

When your baby gets too irritable and cranky and refuses to eat anything due to teething pain, you can visit your pediatrician. You can opt for homoeopathic treatment for your baby as the medicines are very safe and effective for teething in the baby. It has no side effects.  Hence it’s the best ideal treatment for your baby. There are various homeopathic medicines that can help soothe your baby’s pain, they can also act on the mental level and help in reducing crankiness and irritability in your baby.

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