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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

“Bread is like the sun. It rises in yeast and sets in the waist.”

If you’re done blaming your colleagues for bringing your favourite food Every Day, your refrigerator which seems to be packed only with fattening things, the weather which might feel a bit unfair if you didn’t eat hot, oily pakodas right away, the never ending cheat days and ‘I will start my diet from tomorrow’ days, then read on!

In India alone, more than 135 million individuals are affected by obesity. Causes of obesity can range from genetics, lifestyle, certain medications, different underlying factors and so on. You can learn more about the causes of obesity here .

Weight loss happens to be a popular game where, for a change, the loser emerges as the ultimate winner! But contrary to popular hopes, losing here doesn’t come easy. It is one heck of a long, sweaty, not-so-fun-filled journey survived only by the strong-willed.

But does it have to be such a miserable journey? Not necessarily. In the journey of weight loss, small changes make a big difference.

Allow us to show you some easy ways to help you in obesity treatment and manage your weight:

  1. Drink More Water

You can start from something as simple as increasing your water intake. According to a study drinking enough water can boost your metabolic rate by almost 30%. A good metabolic system can help burn your calories faster. Another study states that when on a diet, the practice of drinking half-a-litre of water before each meal leads to greater weight-loss than just through the diet regime.

  1. Sunny Side Up For Breakfast

A major hurdle in weight-management comes in the form of hunger pangs. The key here is to eat limited meals but filling ones. Eating proteins for breakfast is the best thing you can do. A good option is eating eggs for breakfast. Eating eggs for breakfast can help you eat lesser calories during the day. If eggs are not your thing, you can always go for any other source of protein.

  1. The Black Magic of Coffee

If you dig coffee, we have good news. I’m sure you’ve read enough and more things against your favourite morning cup but there is one thing that black coffee can actually help in. A study found that the caffeine can increase the body’s metabolism by 3-4%. It can also promote thermogenesis in obesity treatment. This of course doesn’t mean you go gaga over coffee as overconsumption has its own cons. But this can bring down your guilt to some extent.

  1. Lighten Your Favourite Foods

The idea of a diet-change and giving up on your favourite foods can be utterly off-putting in your journey of treatment of obesity. While giving up your favourite food is difficult, you can always work on making it less hazardous. Try switching to a lower calorie version of the foods you’ve come to love. So next time, you can stop your order after ordering a pizza and may be not make it a cheese-burst. Delicious alternatives to ice-creams are available in the form of sorbets, frozen yogurts and low-fat ice-creams.

  1. Slow Down The Gulp Train

An interesting study found that changes in your eating speed can affect changes in obesity, BMI and waist circumference. Our appetite and intake of calories is controlled largely by hormones. After a meal, there are specific hormones which communicate the signal of being full to your brain. Eating too fast messes with this communication and the brain takes longer to register that you are full. Eating slowly increases mindfulness and makes you more aware of what and how much food you are consuming. Chewing your food more can improve the levels of gut hormones related to hunger and satiety as well.

  1. Walk On And Stay Strong

If exercising is something you don’t even like to spell, consider adding the simplest physical activity to your daily routine – walking. Just 30 minutes of walking daily can help you burn a good amount of calories. You can break it into smaller chunks of 10-15 minutes. You don’t need to take time out separately for it. Simple things like – taking the stairs wherever possible, getting off a few stops before your house & walking the rest of the way, taking your pets on walks, physically going to get groceries and veggies, rather than ordering them (at least sometimes), and so on can also make a difference.

Watch this video for more tips and treatment of obesity: Obesity - Tips and Treatment

Lose It Right With Homeopathy

One of the safest and effective ways for obesity treatment is through homeopathy. This is so because unlike conventional medical treatment, homeopathic treatment takes into account the underlying causes responsible for your weight-gain and works to treat the same. Treatment of obesity through homeopathy not only involves homeopathic medicines but also easy lifestyle changes that can work as a catalyst in your treatment of obesity. Dr Batra’s has been treating obesity for more than 35 years now and has worked very well for people battling weight-issues. You can book an appointment to learn more about your condition and how homeopathy can help you.

Chhattees se battees ka safar aasan nahi. Par namumkin bhi nahin.

Stop wishing for a good body and start working for it today.