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Migraine - The ‘baap’ of all headaches
Migraine - The ‘baap’ of all headaches

Migraine - The ‘baap’ of all headaches

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Raj was sweating profusely; his chest was rising and falling with each breath he took making him realize that he was trying desperately to pull more air into his lungs. The darkness around him was beginning to get to him. He felt restless as he knew what was about to happen and then panic set in. These were the migraine symptoms .

He couldn’t blow this. The opportunity had come after a long year of wait and he had prepared the entire year only for this. He assured himself that it will be fine, took a long chug of the cold water along with the ‘magic pill’ which he considered his SOS. The crisp and refreshing taste of water felt better against the back of his throat as his breathing returned to normal.

“Next up is a talented actor who is going to mesmerize you with his mono act, please welcome Raj Aryan”, announced the host. As Raj stepped on to the stage from the instant dash of lights startled him and a familiar sensation dawned on him as he struggled to pull air onto his lungs. As the applause died, a nervous silence fell upon the studio. Raj was panicking again, the pill had failed him. “I’ll have to finish this up quick”, he reminded himself and began focusing on the lines that he had rehearsed a thousand times. He was putting up a stellar performance despite the horrible pain catching up in his head, one of the unbearable symptoms of migraine. The intensity was rising with each moment and it was like multiple explosions happening inside his head as the lights fluttered. He couldn’t keep this anymore and then as a last resort as any great actor he improvised and held his head and screamed “AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” and fell. The scream was so close to agony that everyone in the audience and the judges stood up in applause with goose bumps. But, Raj could not see any of this; he had passed out clutching his head.

“How are you feeling”, asked Shaheen as Raj slowly opened his eyes and tried to get a grasp of where he was. “You are in the green room, the doctor just left after giving you a painkiller injection. I am calling a cab, I have booked an appointment with Dr Batra’sTM for your migraine. It is about time that you take up homeopathy for a permanent solution for your migraine.” “And by the way”, Shaheen said with a smile, “That improvisation…..made you the win the competition”.

Raj may have got away with it, but migraine should not be taken lightly. Dr Batra’sTM has a multi-focus approach for migraine treatment  wherein expert doctors study migraine causes like the patient’s stress levels, namely, emotional disturbance, financial stress, work and family or relationship problems. They have customised migraine treatment plans which suit every individual.

Dr Batra’s™ homeopathy helps regulate the patient’s emotional sensitivity, minimises the intensity, frequency and duration of the headaches and eventually reduce the tendency of migraine attacks. Dr Batra’s™ homeopathy treatment corrects deep-seated anger and sadness which may be the causes of migraine. It also helps to improve the ability to cope with stress and improves general health and quality of life too.