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Hair care tips to cure dandruff permanently

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 Dr Batra’s™  September 1, 2021

White flakes and itchy scalp can be disturbing to deal with. Dandruff mainly affects the scalp and it can be the enemy of your hair goals. Medically, known as seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff is more likely to occur in areas that are rich in oil-producing glands such as the chest or upper back. While it is one of the most common hair problems, it does not make it any less embarrassing. Also, untreated dandruff or long-term use of anti-dandruff shampoos can accelerate hair loss. Therefore, dandruff should not be taken lightly. To treat dandruff, one must first understand the root cause of dandruff.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is generally caused by a fungus called Malassezia. Several other factors can also trigger dandruff, ranging from allergies to extreme stress or humidity. The following are some of the common triggers of dandruff:

  • Dry or Oily skin

  • Bad hair hygiene

  • Fungal infections

  • Sensitivity to hair care products


A good hair care routine and a few lifestyle choices can help control your dandruff problem. Here are some of the simple hair care tips to effectively manage dandruff:

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Right hair care products:

There is a range of different hair products available. But it is important to use a shampoo and conditioner depending on your hair type. When using a dandruff cleansing shampoo, use one that is made from natural or mild ingredients.

Healthy diet:

A healthy and balanced diet can help manage dandruff. Often, foods that contain yeast encourage fungal growth. Hence, experts recommend that you cut back on sugar, bread and alcohol. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables. It is a good idea to include foods such as yogurt, dark chocolate, eggs, tomatoes, carrots or peanuts.

Reduce stress:

In some individuals, stress can trigger or even worsen dandruff. It can increase flakes, itchiness or even cause redness. While stress doesn’t directly cause dandruff, stress can weaken your immune system. This can reduce the body’s ability to fight dandruff-causing infections. Do your scalp a favour and try ways to manage stress. Lifestyle changes such as practicing yoga or taking restorative walks can be helpful.

Natural Remedies-

Prepare a natural hair mask and use your fingertips to apply it to your scalp. Rinse it off after 30 minutes. To prepare a natural hair mask, mix 1 tsp of coconut oil with 2 tsp of aloe vera gel. Apart from coconut oil, you can also use, cider vinegar, yogurt or honey with aloe vera. In some cases, certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction, therefore, we recommend doing a patch test first.

In most cases, simple hair care tips work very well. If you experience severe dandruff, or if symptoms worsen, it is recommended that you visit a hair doctor. You can also pair the aforementioned remedies with homeopathic treatment to maximize effectiveness. Homeopathy has proven efficacy in treating a wide range of hair problems. In a clinical trial conducted in 2002, 41 patients were assigned one of the two treatments that included a placebo and homeopathy. The group which was given the homeopathic remedy for dandruff showed improvement after 10 weeks of treatment for seborrheic dermatitis.

Homeopathic Dandruff Treatment

Homeopathic medicines for dandruff boost the body’s immunity against the dandruff-causing fungus. For lasting results, homeopathy helps to control the over-active oil glands and corrects the underlying conditions if any. Homeopathic medicines are also helpful to deal with stress and anxiety that can aggravate dandruff. At Dr Batra's®, the homeopathic hair specialist uses the medical science of homeopathy to devise an individualized treatment. For the complete well being of the patient, our treatment includes homeopathic medicines, lifestyle and hair care tips. Over the last 35 years, Dr Batra's® has successfully treated over 1 million hair patients. To get a safe, effective and natural solution for dandruff-free hair, book an appointment with us:

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