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Dandruff Myth bubbles busted

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 8, 2020

Dandruff and hair fall go hand in hand. It is very common to have dandruff these days but it comes with its fair share of misconceptions but does dandruff cause hair fall? Did you know if you don’t take care, dandruff can lead to Seborrheic dermatitis? We here to clear all your misconceptions and bust the myth bubble:

#1 Are all the flakes on my scalp dandruff?

No No! Not all the flakes on your scalp is dandruff. Often, dry skin can be mistaken for dandruff but it is very different from dandruff. Worry not! We are here to burst these myths! Dry scalp causes small and white flakes in comparison with dandruff which causes large flakes yellowish flakes. This in return causes hair fall due to dandruff.

#2 Is dandruff contagious?

Not true! Most of you think that if you come in contact with another person suffering from dandruff, then you will also get dandruff. The good news is that it cannot transfer from one person to another.

#3 Is dandruff there only on the scalp?

Not true at all! Most of us believe that dandruff can happen only the scalp, however, it can be on ears, nose and eyebrows as well.  If you are experiencing flakes around these facial parts, then it’s time to treat them with Homeopathy.

#4 Can dandruff cause hair loss?

Many people suffer from what some people might call it: dandruff hair loss that can further cause male/ female pattern baldness and thinning of hair.  Although dandruff causes hair thinning, it is not the cause of complete baldness or hair loss.


#5 Can washing your hair every day help you in getting rid of dandruff?

Not true! No matter how many times a day or week you wash your hair, dandruff can only be treated with a few remedies that are going to be discussed later in this blog. Stress, climate change and yeast infections are considered to the causes of dandruff.

What really is dandruff?

The skin cells on our scalp ex-foliates but if these cells ex-foliate rapidly, it leads to dandruff. Having an oily scalp can lead to dandruff in many people.

Therefore, to treat dandruff, washing your hair everyday won’t help. Using anti-dandruff shampoos might clear your scalp from flakes externally but the internal issue causing dandruff will not be treated.

Hence, a proper homeopathy treatment is required in order to treat internal and external health causing dandruff. Homeopathic medicines go deep in the roots of a problem and eradicate it naturally.

Homeopathy works beautifully in treating dandruff as it controls the activity of scalp tissues and controls the fast generation of skin cells giving you permanent results.

It is not advisable to self-medicate. It is vital to understand the causes, triggering factors and symptoms of the dandruff you are facing. In order to treat it from within naturally, one must consult a homeopathic doctor for an effective treatment.

So, it’s time to clear your mind off the myths on dandruff and take action through a proper homeopathy treatment. You can book an appointment with us through to get a safe and customized treatment. - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read