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Anxiety treatment in homeopathy: Can homeopathy help treat anxiety?

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 Dr Batra’s™  October 19, 2021

Oh God! I am unable to recollect anything I studied. I am worried, will I pass that interview?

You must have heard yourself saying these things multiple times. These are the thoughts of an anxious person, under different situations. When you feel scared or uneasy around people or situations, it can be a sign of anxiety. Don’t worry! Sometimes, feeling anxious is normal. But, when this anxiety turns severe and comes in the way of your daily life, your ability to function or even leads to depression; you need to seek help.



 According to a study on Our World in Data, 284 million people across the globe, suffer from an anxiety disorder. Let’s find out the different types of anxiety disorders that you may have:

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), this is characterized by unwanted thoughts and repetitive behavior. When people suffering from this disorder strive to suppress their unwanted thoughts, they engage in this behavior. As a result, individuals develop compulsive and obsessive behaviors.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder, anything that mentally bothers the individual suffering from this type of anxiety, might cause worry and tension in their mind and this can then lead to an anxiety attack.

  • Panic disorder, if you have this form of anxiety, you may notice unexpected and repeated episodes of intense fear. You may also suffer, physical symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitation, dizziness or abnormal distress.

  • Social phobia or social anxiety disorder, a person with social anxiety disorder feels uncomfortable or disturbed in social situations. Should you start feeling uncomfortable while eating in front of others, feel anxious during interactions or have excessive self-consciousness, it could be a sign of this condition.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a person suffering from post traumatic stress disorder can show symptoms after experiencing any type of physical or mental shock, or trauma.


Anxiety does not have a specific cause but, it can be triggered by physical, mental and psychological factors. Furthermore, your anxiety can be treated using psychotherapy or medications. In most cases, medications are prescribed, when the anxiety can lead to signs of depression. Medications that are typically prescribed to treat anxiety include antidepressants and sedatives. These work to reduce the symptoms of an anxiety attack. The common side-effects of these medications include sleepiness, fatigue and mental des-functionality.

Homeopathic treatment for anxiety

Anxiety disorder is a psychiatric condition that requires medical treatment. Even though it starts in the head, it has the capacity to disrupt a wide range of bodily functions. Homeopathy is a natural and safe technique for anxiety management. In its treatment, homoeopathy takes a "mind-body" approach. It not only addresses the sickness at hand, but also the root cause of the condition, to give you long-term results. Anxiety disorders are highly dependent on the personality of the individual in question.  Therefore, homeopathic remedies for anxiety, take into account the individual's unique personality traits before prescribing a treatment that is specific to the individual. According to a research study by Researchgate, the findings suggest that homeopathy can be used as an effective treatment method for anxiety.

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