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5 top homeopathic remedies for migraine
5 top homeopathic remedies for migraine

5 top homeopathic remedies for migraine

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

The only time a man wishes not to use his head is when he is having a headache! Even the mild heaviness in the head disrupts our daily life; the severe excruciating pain makes it miserable. That’s the only time when banging your head against the wall provides some relief.

One such extremely painful form of headache is migraine. Some common migraine symptoms are throbbing, pulsating pain that is sometimes accompanied by nausea/vomiting and intolerance to bright lights as well as noise. Some of the causes of migraine are exposure to the sun, hunger, or even stress, which is a common problem today.

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Some common migraine remedies that provide relief are painkillers as suggested by the physician, antacids, anti-vomiting tablets, etc. Some traditional ‘nuskas’ like a ‘dose’ of jalebis in the morning (a delicious option even otherwise) works out well in providing relief from the throbbing migraine pain.

However, did you know that all these migraine remedies only provide temporary solutions? They can only help to prolong the inevitable, i.e. another migraine attack. In such conditions, why not opt for safer and more effective migraine remedies such as homeopathic medicine for migraine?

The beauty of homeopathic migraine remedies is that no two patients get the same treatment for the reason that every patient has different symptoms and needs different remedies as per his personality. You will be amazed to know that in homeopathy, there are different homeopathic medicine for migraine as per the location of the headache or the time when the headache occurs. E.g. For headaches on the forehead, homeopathic migraine remedies Silicea or Pulsatilla may be useful while for headaches on the occipital area Gelsemium may be indicated.

5 top homeopathic remedies for migraine

5 best homeopathic migraine remedies

Here are the 5 best homeopathic migraine remedies that can help fight migraines. With the following homeopathic medicine for migraine, you’re sure to feel better.

Belladonna: It is an extremely useful remedy for patients who have sudden onset of headaches with sensitivity towards light, noise, and touch. Pain experienced is violent and throbbing. It becomes worse by lying down and better by sitting. It is a remedy that works well without fail for headaches after a haircut; useful in women who get headaches before menses. Belladonna is one of the effective migraine remedies and can also be used as a homeopathic painkiller for migraine.

Iris versicolor: Useful for people who get frontal headaches or right-sided headaches. The headache begins with visual disturbances and blurring before the eyes. It is associated with extreme nausea and gastric upset. Headaches or migraine that occurs on weekends or Sundays calls for this unfailing remedy.

Natrum muraticum: One of the most efficient migraine remedies for headache in school-going girls or headache that is triggered due to grief or emotional upsets such as post-death of a loved one or disappointment in love. The patient feels that thousands of hammers are knocking on the brain. There is intolerance to light and the patient feels better in dark. People who need this remedy have headaches from sunrise to sunset.

Glonine: It helps in sudden headache that is triggered by sun exposure or exposure to heat in any form including working in the kitchen or workers who work under electric light. Headache is better by cold application. The patient cannot lay his head on the pillow. Women in need of these migraine remedies may experience headaches instead of menses.

Nux vomica: It helps in headache that is triggered by overeating, lack of sleep, alcohol intake, prolonged office work, overstudy, sedentary lifestyle, financial loss in business, or any type of mental exertion. The patient needs stimulants like coffee or tobacco. Headache is associated with vertigo. The patient also has a lot of acidity and flatulence. Treating extreme mental irritability is the hallmark of homeopathic migraine remedies.

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