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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Is your child always sick?

Are you tired of repeated visits to the pediatrician?

Then you need to read this.

It is becoming more and more difficult every day to keep children within the brackets of "healthy". Gone are the days when being a kid equated to being happy-go-lucky, jolly and carefree. The times are different today and the lives of children are more burdened than ever. The competitive world is catching up with our little ones and we can’t help but join the flow.

The biggest hurdle in your child’s way in this onward journey is the bane of ill health.

Everything from the climate, food, eating habits and lifestyle in general is undergoing a constant change. Then again, not all these factors affect all children in the same way. This is where immunity comes into the picture. The effect of each of these changes and many others on each child will be determined by how strong the immune system of the child is. As it is not always possible to control the external factors, it becomes more than important to ensure your child’s body can fight the ill effects of all these changes.

Speed Breakers In Your Child’s Growth:

The immune system of your child is the soldier that fights against illnesses and infections and plays a big role in ensuring child growth. Let’s look at a few hurdles that can weaken the immune system thereby affecting child growth:

  1. Couch Potatoes All The Way

As children don’t really directly exercise, outdoor play is the best version of exercise for children. It is really good for enhancing immunity in children and promoting child growth. It is also the best way of getting Vitamin D. With the increased craze for gadgets like smart phones, video games, play station, computer games and so on children end up spending more time indoors on the couch and very limited time outdoors.

  1. Less Sleep Time

Children need at least 10 to 14 hours of sleep, depending upon their age. However given the current lifestyle, many children end up sleeping late and wake up early for school. Lack of enough sleep creates physical stress in the body preventing the oxygen from circulating freely in the brain. This can lower the immunity in children.

  1. Antibiotic Overload

Every time you rush to an allopathic doctor when your child is unwell, there is a chance of antibiotics being prescribed. An overuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance and dependency in your child. This can weaken your child’s immune system.

  1. Lack Of Hygiene

Hygiene can be a real challenge when it comes to kids, particularly for those children who are active outdoors. Dirty nails, not washing their hands properly before eating, not brushing the teeth properly can expose your child to germs and further weaken the immunity in children.

  1. Junk In Health Out

Perhaps the most important thing that affects your child’s immunity is diet. Diet plays a key role in child growth. However eating habits today have gone for a toss, even when it comes to children. A growing taste for fast food and its easy availability doesn’t seem to help the case. It affects the digestion process and the body eventually misses out on important nutrients that aid in child growth.  

  1. Inability to Express Feelings

Expressing feelings helps to even out emotions. However not all children share a great communicative rapport with their parents. Thus many of them end up keeping things to themselves, even painful experiences, which eventually affects their psychological health. It increases the stress level which adversely affects your child’s immunity.

So how does one ensure the immunity in children remains strong?

The Sweet Pills Of Homeopathy

If you’re looking for a natural and safe medium of medication for your child, homeopathy is your answer to it. Allopathic medicines treat only the illness at hand without treating the root cause of that illness. Thus the possibility of the illness returning always remains. Homeopathy however goes to the root cause of an illness and aims to treat that so as to prevent your child (and you) from suffering from it again. Homeopathic medicines work to strengthen the immunity in children so that it is strong enough to fight off the infections. The medicines also do not develop any form of dependency and are free from side-effects. The best part is that the medicines are easy to take as they are sweet in taste. No more chasing your kids around the house to get them to take medicines!

Where good health can be the wind beneath your child’s wings and help them rise higher, ill health can be the chains that drag them to the ground. Gift your child good health through the sweet pills of homeopathy and help them fly high!