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Thu 02, Aug 2012

Monsoon Hair Care Tips By Dr Akshay Batra

My friends and I love to get wet in the rain. Trust me it is lots of fun for those of us living in Delhi (I can’t say what lovely girls of Mumbai think). But singing and dancing in the rain can also cause some some hair disasters. For example my friend Shruti complaints of dull life-less hair after spending time in the rain. Monsoon humidity also leaves hair in a state of mess. Dandruff and hairfall are the two most common monsoon related hair complaints.

Dr Akshay Batra of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic has some great advice for hair care during monsoon. Let me share them with you.

Tips for Better Monsoon Hair Care:

1. Condition your hair 2-3 times a week. Wear a pony tail. Hair tangles very easily during wet and damp monsoon season. Conditioning and a simple hair style will keep your hair easy to manage.

2. Oil your hair 2-3 times a week. Then wash with lukewarm water. Use a mild natural shampoo. Avoid lathering shampoos which can leave hair dry and brittle.

3. Hair massage is also a good idea. Try out a relaxing, therapeutic, hair massage to increase blood circulation in the scalp.

4. Use thin towel to dry your hair.

5. Avoid getting wet. If that is unavoidable then you must promptly dry your hair. Hair that is kept wet for long, leads to hair fall. Don’t forget to shampoo your hair after getting wet in the rain.

6. For those who have dandruff use a mild anti dandruff shampoo. Kali Sulphuricum, a Homeopathic medicine is effective for sticky yellow dandruff. Calcarea Sulphuricum, is useful for scaly and dry dandruff.

Hope you find these tips useful. Stay beautiful!