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Homoeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Allergic Rhinitis is an inflammatory disorder of the nasal passages – a natural response that occurs when your immune system overacts to substances that you may have inhaled, such as pollen.

Types of Allergic Rhinitis:

There are three types of allergic rhinitis:

  • Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis: Seasonal allergic rhinitis occurs all year round. Seasonal allergies occur when certain plants are in bloom. They are windblown pollens from trees, grasses or weeds. Some molds also occur seasonally and may cause allergic rhinitis.
  • Perennial Allergic Rhinitis: Perennial allergic rhinitis is triggered by household allergens, such as house dust mites, pet dander, cockroaches and molds.
  • Occupational Allergic Rhinitis: As the name suggest it is the work you do which triggers allergic rhinitis, such as working in a farm or grocery store could trigger allergic rhinitis to a person who suffers from grain allergy, certain chemicals for those working in factories and wood dust for those engaged in wood workshops.

Stuffy or runny nose, constant sneezing, post-nasal drip, red, itchy, watery eyes, swollen eyelids, itching in the palate, throat, ears, face, sore throat, dry cough and headache are the presenting symptoms of a person suffering from Allergic Rhinitis.

Homoeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating Allergic Rhinitis.

Homoeopathic medicines follow a curative rather than a suppressive approach while treating Allergic Rhinitis.

Homeopathy focuses on the patient as a person and the pathological condition too.

Anti-allergic is the only choice in conventional medicine but it has known side-effects and only suppresses the excess histamine release by the skin which causes itching. Homoeopathy helps build immunity which helps the skin sensors to function normally and produce histamine in adequate amounts by bringing back the deviated immune system back to normalcy.

Homoeopathy is non-addictive and has zero side-effects.

Homeopathic medicines help to reduce the frequency and intensity of the episodes and also help to eliminate the use of conventional medicines which have known side-effects.

Homoeopathy helps to improve the health related quality of life.