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“Hair I Am.” Stem cell therapy.

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

“Knock Knock!”

“Who's there?”

“It’s me, Hair.”

What am I?

I am in your genes and genetically or biologically programmed to grow, right from the time you arrived in your mother’s womb. I continue to grow all through your life.

Like a child, I need to be loved and cared for. But unlike a child, pampering does not spoil me. In fact, I flourish and thrive on attention. The more you look after me, the better I grow. When you neglect me and resort to quick-fixes to make me look better, you impact my growth and endanger my life. I may even stop growing; sometimes, permanently.

What do I do?

Mainly, I am there to control your body's temperature, as also for protection and evaporation of excessive perspiration. I can also function as one of your sensory organs. But unfortunately, I am being uprooted from my base (your scalp) a lot of times due to various reasons. While shedding of about 50-100's of me are normal, these days you humans are losing me by thousands!

Asking me for a reason? If I have to answer that, I would attribute this to mainly your diet, lifestyle, genetics, ‘crazy’ hormones, and the numerous chronic ailments that you end up having like diabetes, thyroid disorders, and anemia. All of this takes a toll on me too!

How can you help me?

You can help me by correcting your faulty diet, lifestyle, and by taking an appropriate treatment for hair loss condition.

Worldwide, there are different hair loss treatments available such as Homeopathy (medical treatment), Hair transplant (surgical treatment), and Stem cell therapy (non-invasive treatment). Homeopathy treatment for hair loss is a proven science and can certainly be of great help, for people of all ages, and both sex. It offers a safe and effective solution for hair loss. However, the latest innovation in this field is Stem cell therapy. This non-invasive or aesthetic treatment can be combined with homeopathy for best results.

How does “Stem Cell therapy” work for hair problems? Let us understand.

Stem Cell therapy is a semi-invasive non-surgical process which helps in regrowth and regeneration of your hair.

Stem cells are present in every part of the body, including hair. This type of therapy involves using a derma roller (a tiny roller with needles on it) that penetrates to the inner layer of your skin and injects stem cells at the base of your hair. These stem cells help the multiplication of the hair follicles at a faster pace, thereby promoting new hair growth.

It can be done by different methods:

•        Hair follicles are taken and cultured in a lab. Say, if they take 500 hair, they multiply them to about a lakh! The next stage involves injecting the processed culture back into the affected area of the scalp to be fully grown as new hair.

•        Another method is PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, where blood is taken from your body, concentrated and then platelet-rich plasma is separated by centrifuging. It is then re-injected to the affected area. This helps in the regeneration of hair follicles.

•        A third method involves using a pre-prepared stem cell solution (not necessarily of the individual for treatment). This solution is injected and absorbed into the scalp wherein it starts promoting cell multiplication, regeneration, and regrowth of hair in the affected area.

The process is usually done at weekly or 10-day intervals. Depending on the type and extent of baldness, it starts showing results in about 6-10 sessions.

Is it painful? Is there any side -effect?

It is a completely safe mode of hair fall treatment having absolutely no side-effects. As far as pain is concerned, there is bound to be some discomfort or tingling sensation while the injections are given, or the derma roller is used. But is there really any gain without pain? In the end, mild pain or discomfort is truly worth it!\ 

Guess it's enough of talk from me! If you are worrying day in and out about losing me or have already started losing me to the extent of noticing my absence on your scalp, its time you talk to the expert! Why not give this new innovation a try to gain me back ?