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Homeopathy: Natural & Safe Treatment for Children
Homeopathy: Natural & Safe Treatment for Children

Homeopathy: Natural & Safe Treatment for Children

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Homeopathy, which is popular worldwide for its safe and gentle ways of treatment, can be used effectively to treat people across all age groups. Children especially can immensely benefit from homeopathy, as it heals them safely without causing side-effects.

You want everything best for your child. Why compromise on their health? 

Becoming a parent and having a child completely changes our world. Doesn’t it? Our world begins to revolve around our children and their happiness. All we want is to provide them with the best of everything - the best food, best education and best healthcare. Therefore, for parents, nothing can be more painful than seeing their child sneezing, coughing or crying due to a health problem and spending sleepless nights.

What do you do in such situations? Most parents succumb to anxiety and give the child a dose of over-the-counter antibiotic. Some parents rush to the nearest doctor, who almost invariably, prescribes a mixture of medicines in varying doses for relief. However, is this right treatment for your child or is it just a quick fix?

What parents fail to understand is that children have immature immune system and their body reacts differently to the medicines than an adult body. Antibiotics definitely provide quick relief, but in long run, they might make your child more susceptible to infections. Overuse of antibiotics can lead to drug-resistance in your children and this could lead to an increased sickness in them. Antibiotics are not giving a chance to their body to develop own antibodies i.e. self-immunity. This leads to recurrence of infections. Also, side-effects can occur in children taking antibiotics for a long time.

Gift your children safe healthcare

The health problems in children need to be addressed at the root level and that too safely. This is where homeopathy scores better than any other system of medicine. Homeopathic medicines aim at boosting immunity in children without causing any side-effects. They give a chance to a child’s body to develop own antibodies, leading to less bouts of disease attack.

Homeopathy is effective in treating variety of health troubles in children. Whether it is an infantile colic, teething trouble, body pain, cold, cough, flu or even a behavioral disturbance, homeopathy can manage them all. 

Develop immunity in children naturally  

Homeopathy not only treats children with natural & safe remedies but also helps in developing natural immunity in them. This makes them less prone to recurring infections and illnesses. It is advisable to supplement homeopathy with proper immunization, regular health check-ups, balanced & nutritious diet and exercise.

Also, you can follow some of the tips below to improve immunity in children.

  • Give them a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and low in saturated fat
  • Avoid food with artificial colors and preservatives
  • Encourage regular exercise (outdoor sports)
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Ensure they get adequate sleep
  • Maintain proper hygiene 
  • Get regular vaccination
  • Do not give them medicines without consulting a doctor
  • Give your child safe medicines.