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Addiction can be damaging

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Only the families of an addict know the amount of damage drug addiction or alcohol addiction can cause them. People have not only lost their peace of mind but have lost their valuable assets to these addictions and above all numerous have lost their lives.

Whether it is a drug addiction or alcohol addiction, both when consumed have the capacity to alter their state of consciousness. These not only affect the nervous system of an addict or damage vital organs like liver but also affect the psychological stability of the person consuming them.

Drugs used in Drug Addiction and their Effects

  • Marijuana addiction: Fiery red eyes, increased volume while talking, critical laughter, dopy look, disinterest in life, loss of motivation; weight loss or gain.
  • Amphetamines, Cocaine or Crystal Meth addiction: Hyperactivity, dilated pupils, state of euphoria, irritable, anxious, loquacity followed by excessive sleeping at odd hours or immense feeling of depression, insomnia, dryness of mouth or nose, loss of weight.
  • Inhalants like glues, aerosols, vapors addiction: Watering from eyes, impaired memory or vision, nasal discharge or rashes around the mouth or nose, severe headache and nausea, intoxicated appearance, drowsy feeling, weak muscle control, changes in appetite, anxiety and irritability.
  • Hallucinogens namely LSD-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or PCP-Phencyclidine addiction: Irrational behavior, excessive aggression, hallucinated state; bad mood swings; detachment from reality and people; self absorbed, lazy speech and immense confusion.
  • Heroin addiction: Unresponsive pupils to light or contracted pupils; self inflicted injury marks; sleeping at odd times; excessive perspiration; vomiting; coughing or appetite loss.

Signs of alcohol addiction or drug addiction

Behavioral warning signs of drug addiction or alcohol addiction

  • Poor attendance or performance at work or school
  • Bad financial condition; sudden change in habits like borrowing or stealing
  • Secretive or suspicious behaviors
  • Sudden change in tag along or friends
  • Getting involved in unnecessary trouble like fights, accidents or illegal activities
  • Psychological warning signs of drug addiction or alcohol addiction
  • Dramatic change in attitude and personality
  • Bad mood swings, increased irritability and aggression
  • Hyperactivity, severe agitation or dizziness
  • De-motivated feeling, lethargic feeling or social isolation

Addiction treatment

Any sort of addiction has no treatment which can cure this problem. There are many rehabilitation centres for such individual who are have addiction issues. These rehabilitation centres help an addict to handle withdrawal symptoms and psychological as well as emotional challenges. Treatment outcome depends on the years of dependency on the addiction and the current mental state of the person. Long-term treatment and regular follow-up is important to prevent relapse. Homoeopathic approach to drug addicts is beneficial as the treatment not only provides counselling but also improves the health related quality of life