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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Are you tired of treating your acne?

Have you tried all conventional treatments but still are unable to get rid of acne permanently?

First of all you have to understand that acne is caused by an internal disorder which is why local application will not be of much help. You have to take proper medicines which will treat the root cause and restore your health.

This is where homeopathy comes into the picture. Homeopathy treatment for acne is very effective as it selects medicines based on individualization, which means every patient will be given different medicines based on their own unique characteristics.

So What Really Is Acne?

Acne is the result of hormonal changes in your body. We have small oil-secreting glands near our hair follicles. These glands normally secrete small amounts of oil (sebum). However when there are hormonal changes in your body, these glands become overactive and secrete more oil. These oil-secreting glands get blocked by all the extra secretion. This in turn causes inflammation which leads to the formation of pustules, simply known as pimples.

Why Should I Go For Homoeopathy?

As we saw earlier, acne occurs due to hormonal changes. Homeopathic treatment for acne helps normalize the hormone levels thus helping to get rid of acne in a natural way.

Homoeopathy medicines for acne are safe and without any adverse effects. It will help control the different causes of acne and also prevent its recurrence.

Homeopathy is a science wherein every patient is treated based on their own unique symptoms and triggers for an ailment. No two patients are the same. Even if two patients have come with the complaints of acne, the medicines for them can still be different as both of them will have different features which trigger acne for them. This process is called as individualization. So when you take medicines based on individualization the tendency of recurrence of acne gets reduced considerably.

As acne has an impact on the looks of a person, it does affect the quality of life. Therefore, homoeopathy will not only relieve symptoms but will also improve quality of life. Social withdrawal, low self-esteem and confidence levels improve when acne is treated with homeopathy.

Is There Any Need For Dietary Changes?

As such there is no need to make changes in your diet but including fruits, vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids which is found in flaxseeds, zinc which is found in mushrooms and pumpkin seeds in your diet can be beneficial.

You should avoid red meat, ghee, vanaspati and cream as it may act as a cause of acne.

Wash your face more than twice each day with warm water and a mild face wash.

Do not scrub the skin or burst the acne, as this may push the infection further down causing more blocking.

Avoid pricking pimples as this may lead to scarring.

Choose mild make up and avoid oil based products. Always remove your makeup before going to bed.

Anxiety and stress can increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline which leads to acne.

How Homeopathy Helps To Treat Acne

Seen below are just a few of the many possible remedies for acne that homoeopaths consider for treating acne:

Calcarea sulph is helpful in cases of cystic acne where lesions do not heal quickly and the skin looks unhealthy. The person has a tendency to get infections of sinuses, ears and tonsils.

Kali bromatum is used to treat acne of teenagers and continues in adulthood. The person is fidgety, has unpleasant dreams, restless sleep and has issues of teeth grinding.

Pulsatilla is used in treating acne in young girls that is associated with the onset of puberty. Acne is associated with menstrual period or with pregnancy. The person experiences little thirst, weeping tendency and likes consolation and open air.

Silicea is used to treat deep hard cystic acne like boils on face pimples which are slow to heal and leave pitting scars. The person tends to get infections easily and frequently. They may have excessive sweating of palms and soles.

Sulphur is used when blackheads are plentiful. Pimples and whiteheads are very large but not that deep. Acne is itchy.

Calcarea carb is used to treat frequent acne and skin eruptions with clammy hands and feet. If the person is easily tired by exertion and is flabby or overweight this remedy may help.

Stories of Healing

Case 1

19 year old female patient came with her mother in September 2018 with complaints of acne, irregular stools and irregular menses. She was suffering from acne for the last 1.5 years and was having popular acne with some pustules which were painful and some were leaving hyper pigmentation.  She was having anxiety in little things and was unable to appear properly for exams as she used to frequently get low confidence and anxiety during exams. Her menses used to get delayed by 2-3 months and were very painful when they came. After detailed case history she was prescribed constitutional medicine and on the very first follow-up in October 2018 her first relief which she expressed herself with great happiness was that her confidence had improved to a great extent and she didn’t feel any anxiety in the last exams. Her mother was also very happy to see this change in her anxiety and improved confidence level.  And further in in around 3 months her acne reduced and her menses became regular and till date her menses are very regular.

Thus it can be seen that homoeopathic medicines not only help to get rid of acne but also arrest the tendency to have acne and treat it at the root level by correcting the hormonal imbalance. And also it may improve the quality of life by improving confidence.


Case 2

A 21 year old student, daughter of our existing patient visited us with complaints of acne and painful menses. She was suffering from acne since her teenage years and tried all types of medicines till date. Also she had to take painkillers during her menses. Her pimples were painful, large, filled with pus. They would increase after eating oily or spicy food. After studying her detailed case, constitutional medicines were prescribed to her. Within 4 months she was much better. Not only did her acne complaints get resolved but the severe pain she usually experienced on the 1st day of menses also reduced and as a result she didn’t have to take painkillers anymore.

Thus homoeopathy is effective in the treatment of acne of all degrees of severity. It is effective, long lasting, natural and free of side effects.