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Subtract ADHD with Homeopathy

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 Dr. Batras Team  July 7, 2020

Children who grew up 25-30 years ago were labelled as ‘normal,’ when they blew off more than a little steam. With the growing interest and awareness in child psychology, we now know how to make the distinction between bad and problem behaviour. But while we may be able to diagnose behavioural disorders accurately, there are still differing opinions on the best way to treat them. Homeopathy assures a safe and gentle approach.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an increasingly common behavioural problem. It affects an estimated 8-10 per cent of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be affected.

Many of today’s children are said to display the three classic signs of ADHD - restlessness, distraction and impulsiveness. Anxious parents of hyperactive kids measure out and carefully monitor their regular dosages of conventional medication, especially in cases where both adults are working and family time is limited.

General Symptoms of ADHD

• Has difficulty following instructions

• Inability to maintain focus either on work or play activities both at home and in school

• Tends to misplace or lose things needed for activities at school and home

• Seems inattentive

• Cannot give close attention to details

• Disorganised; has trouble planning ahead and executing tasks

• Forgets things quite easily; gets easily distracted; loses track of things.

Whilst many doctors accept the dysfunctional portrait of ADHD, there is a new body of thinking that strongly opposes this view. Psychologists say that the rapid shift of visual frames on TV is related to hyperactivity syndrome. This occurs because of non-stop camera flips and varied spotlights where the viewer’s thought compass changes every few seconds. This is said to be yet another reason for short-attention spans because the hyperactive child is attempting to recall the dynamic quality of the TV screen by quickly changing his own perceptual points of reference.

This is one major reason why behavioural researchers suggest that parents and teachers should regulate rather than do away with a child’s TV and video game activity. This is because such children would be at a disadvantage if they cannot take part when their friends discuss certain programmes or happenings.

However, when your child wants to watch action on TV, sit with and watch the programme together. Try to explain your feelings, while listening to your child’s reasons for preferring this type of programme. This helps to bring about some balance, if not acceptance.

You don’t need to be a psychologist to discover, understand and appreciate your child’s personal learning style. Soft, gentle music around the house can create a soothing atmosphere and calm any hyperactive or hypersensitive behaviour.

Most importantly, try to eliminate allergens (check out milk, meat and gluten allergies) from your  child’s diet because what may be ‘firing’ your child’s hyperactivity could be what your child is eating - especially fast or junk food.

Homeopathy for ADHD

Homeopathy is mind-body medicine. It analyses and treats the many subtle variations of behaviour at our emotional, mental and social levels.

Homeopathy is extremely useful for all types of psychological problems including ADHD. It helps to restore children to their natural state of emotional health and optimal well-being, safely. Homeopathy believes in individualised treatment, wherein healing is targeted at the entire person, not just at a specific disorder or illness. It takes into account the unique, distinctive nature and characteristics of each child and prescribes treatment accordingly.

Homeopathy also lays the greatest emphasis in finding and treating the source rather than just the symptoms of the emotional problem. Emotional and psychological problems often reside at the deepest, most protected level. This is precisely where the overall healing process for children must begin.

The right homeopathic remedy, prescribed by a professional homeopathic doctor at the clinic, produces a noticeable, beneficial change by simply restoring a natural balance that may have gone awry. In the process, it boosts the child’s emotional potential to its optimal level.

New research suggests that most behavioural disorders in children are metabolic in nature; they are not fundamentally mental disorders. For treatment to succeed, one must clearly focus at correcting a child’s metabolism. Homeopathy is keyed to facilitate this harmonious balance. It can, for example, improve a child’s behaviour and learning ability with a suitable medicine that simply regulates bowel function. This, in turn, improves metabolic and brain function.

A study conducted in Switzerland and published in The European Journal of Pediatrics, reports   that hyperactive children, who were treated with a homeopathic medicine ‘individualised’ to their symptom-picture, showed continued progress whilst taking the homeopathic medicine, whereas children taking a placebo (dummy pill) did not show any progress.

Self help tips for ADHD

• Improve your child’s self-esteem through regular attention, encouragement and acknowledgement

• Make available a variety of stimulating learning activities, like reading, drawing and painting for your child

• Provide positive role models or hands-on activities

• Teach your child organisational skills and also to appreciate the value of personal effort

• Seek professional homeopathic treatment when simple measures don’t help, and follow-up on a regular basis.