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Know the difference between Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 8, 2020

Healthy Hair is undeniably one of the keystones of self- confidence. No one would want to live with the emotional stress that comes along with Balding. Nevertheless, Pattern Baldness is very common and it affects the top and front portion of the scalp.The difference between Male pattern baldness and Female pattern baldness is quiet evitable.


Hair Loss in men can be seen in various forms. The likelihood of pattern baldness affecting a man is during his adulthood, but can occur even in his teenage years. The most common type of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness. It is also known as androgenic alopecia. It follows a pattern of receding hairline and hair thinning on the crown.

The pattern baldness begins at the hairline and gradually recedes and forms an "M" shape, which is seen along with the thinning of hair and eventually forms a "U" shape or a "Horseshoe" shape pattern of hair near and around the sides of the head. The balding increases throughout the stages. To know more about the stages of Male Pattern Baldness, click here.

The causes of Male Pattern Baldness include Age, Genetics- Having a history of baldness in the family is a major cause of this condition Nutritional Deficiencies, Infections, Stress, Major Surgery, Iron Deficiency and Severe chronic illness.

The major symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness are related to lowering density of the hair and bald patches appearing on the scalp.


It is common for women to lose 50- 100 hair strand each day, but when thinning starts occurring, it may be due to female pattern baldness. The growing phase of hair slows down and the hair takes longer to grow. It is type of diffuse hair loss, which is irreversible and it starts with thinning hair at the top portion of the frontal region. It forms a “Christmas Tree” like pattern at the crown.

Female Pattern Baldness is experienced by women in many different ways. One of the possible ways is noticing hair thinning around the partition of the hair. In this case, the partition starts widening and thinning of hair increases after, which baldness becomes more visible around the crown portion of the head.

The causes for female pattern baldness are not well understood, but they may be related to:

Age, Hormonal Fluctuation , Menopause, Genetics, Medications and certain skin diseases.

The symptoms of Female Pattern Baldness include thinning in the mid- frontal scalp, reduced hair volume and increased hair shedding.


Act as soon as you’ve discovered the signs of Pattern Baldness. The main purpose of treatment of Pattern Baldness is to curtail hair loss. It can be treated depending upon the stage of Hair Loss. All this could be done by undergoing homeopathy treatment, as it is safe and natural.Along with Homeopathy, you can try the Hair Vitalizing Treatment, which strengthens your hair Sand stimulates hair growth.