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How to live with Psoriasis daily…
How to live with Psoriasis daily…

How to live with Psoriasis daily…

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

I am Sharmin (30years) and I was a case of psoriasis all over the body for almost 5years. I am sharing my experience with you in the hope that you save yourself from discomfort and the emotional trauma of dealing with psoriasis. Initially when I started to see the reddish spots on my hands and legs which would then start shedding flakes, I thought it was just because my skin was dry. When the spots started to increase I visited my regular doctor and he told me these were the symptoms of psoriasis .I was so disheartened and I felt that my skin would never be normal again. He suggested some creams and conventional medicines which did not help much. Then after about treating myself with conventional medicines for almost 2 years, I totally gave up as psoriasis had trapped my whole body. My hair was looking dry like a grass. I could not go out as on seeing the flaky skin people would avoid me. Then a friend of mine visited me and saw my state. She advised me to go to a homeopathic doctor as it would help me heal my skin without any side-effects. On her advice I visited a homeopath and after a detailed case history I was prescribed homeopathic medicine. My itching and flaking had completely gone within 3 months and the redness also slowly disappeared. 5 years down the line with the help of homeopathic medicine for psoriasis and change of lifestyle habits, I am now free from flaky red skin.

Here are a few tips from my personal experience on how to live with psoriasis daily…

  1. Always seek a good professional guidance: Psoriasis treatment should be selected very carefully. Do not be in a hurry to see immediate results. Go with a therapy which helps you treat psoriasis from its roots. Knowing the cause of psoriasis is very important. Homeopathic treatment for psoriasis did wonders for me. So I would suggest from my experience that consult a good homeopath.
  2. Change your diet to help your skin cells back to normal: Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of the skin in which a new skin is produced every 3rd day. This causes flaking of the skin. A well balanced nutritious diet is the most important part of treatment of psoriasis. Avoid red meat as it contains high amount of uric acid which could aggravate psoriasis. Have good amount of fruits and vegetables. Hydrate yourself well to retain the moisture of the skin. Avoid processed and refined food in your diet as they take long to digest and slow down the metabolism and repair processes of the body. Immunity boosting foods like fruits rich in vitamin C would help bring back the immune system to normal.
  3. Practice positive self talk: Negative self talk can make you feel worse within and make your skin worst on the outside. Do not hate yourself for the flaking skin. Love yourself and be compassionate. Be patient. Your body knows the best for you and will always help you heal if you treat your body with care and compassion.
  4. Use natural products: Creams high on chemicals can damage your skin further. Rather than using medicated creams, use natural moisturizers like coconut oil or herbal creams which would moisturize your skin for longer duration. Use a glycerine soap for bathing as this will keep your skin moist. Do not use a luffa or scrub your skin as this could bring about a new patch of psoriasis.
  5. Last but not the least focus on stress relief: Stress is also one of the causes for psoriasis  to become worse. I do remember that on seeing my skin get worse, I would get highly stressed. This stress would lead to development of more spots in a few hours time. I learnt from my homeopathic doctor to work on my stress levels by doing some meditation or yoga and believe me that this helped me greatly. It not only made me stress free but the skin flare ups also calmed down. I am much happier now and wish that all of you too can now see yourself free from psoriasis. - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read