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Homeopathy - Consultation

The homeopathic way of understanding your illness is different from the way an allopathic doctor understands it. When you approach allopathic doctors for treatment, they would mostly look at your symptoms, suggest some tests, come to a diagnosis and start your treatment accordingly.

Homeopathic doctors will go beyond this before prescribing the medicine. Apart from diagnosing your disease, they will try to understand the root cause of your illness. We believe that many factors play a role in developing your current illness. It is essential to understand all those factors before starting your treatment.

It has been demonstrated that there is a link between the onset of your physical suffering and the presence of emotional stress in your life. Sometimes, when the level of stress is beyond one’s ability to handle; they may face either emotional disturbance or physical illness, or both. Based on this, our doctors will always try to understand your nature, temperament and your personal situation around the time you started suffering from the illness.

Quite often, stress alone is not responsible for your illness, but it plays a very important role as the triggering or maintaining factor. Apart from stress, genetic and hereditary influences, your lifestyle, habits, diet and nutrition, history of past illnesses, past treatments, family history of medical problems, etc., play a vital role in understanding why you are unwell. These factors may play some role – big or small –in determining the outcome of your treatment with homeopathy.

Hence, during your first consultation and the follow-up consultation, our doctors will always discuss these factors with you. They will also guide you on coping with certain troublemaking factors; for e.g., the way you handle stress. They will guide you on changes you might have to make in your lifestyle, diet and nutrition. Apart from medicines, such corrections help speed up your recovery.