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Homeopathic Medicine For Acne

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

‘Oh god! I have to go to a party tonight and this pimple appeared on my face. Where is my make up kit, I really need to hide this ugly spot.’ Have you ever faced such condition or seen your friends or sisters panicking over the ‘spot’?

We all hate acne, no matter, where and when they appear. It affects our appearance and undermines our self-esteem. To get rid of acne, you may have also pricked them with your nails. If not, you must have tried antibiotics, anti-acne face wash, face packs, or home remedies, but none really helped you.

What should you do in such case? The first and foremost thing is to know various causes of acne and then identifying the particular reason behind the distress happening to you.

Causes of acne

Listed below are some of the most common acne causes, which ultimately lead to the formation of zits or pimples:

  • Diet - It is not known for sure whether diet is a cause of acne. There seems to be a wide disparity over this in the opinions of dermatologists as well as patients. However, many patients see an increase in acne after too much intake of spicy foods, caffeine, excessive sweets, alcohol, chocolates, red meat, corn, gluten, etc.
  • Cosmetics - Certain cosmetics used over a long period of time can lead to acne. Face creams, foundation creams, overnight creams and moisturisers are known to cause harm.
  • Stress - The changes induced by stress have been extensively studied over many decades, and hormonal changes are one of the results of stress, which can lead to acne.
  • Bacteria - People with acne have more bacteria trapped in the skin surface than compared to people without acne.
  • Hormones - Acne is precipitated by hormones that are present in both sexes. The oil surplus created by these hormones is instrumental in clogging the hair follicles. In women, hormonal changes occur with puberty, menstrual periods, pregnancy, use of birth-control pills and menopause, and each of these are a potential phase for developing acne. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is also a common acne cause.
  • Genetics - Heredity plays a significant role in the development and persistence of acne.
  • Medications - Certain medications can lead to severe outbreaks of acne in some individuals.

Now you know that there are different causes of acne, there should be a specific treatment for your condition. Homeopathy is the only age-old science which believes in individualized treatment. It offers different homeopathic medicine for acne depending on the presentation and symptoms of the disease.

Homeopathy treatment for acne corrects the ‘root cause’ of the problem, such as hormonal changes, stress, polycystic ovarian cysts, including other causes, through a properly selected individualized remedy. Yet most people succumb to the immediate temptation of applying some powerful conventional over-the-counter (OTC) external application — cream or lotion — on the troubled spot which makes the condition even worse. Every year, over INR 1,500 million is spent on conventional OTC acne products, even though the results are far from satisfactory not to speak of the side-effects.

Homeopathic medicines stimulate the individual’s immunity from within. The result is a permanent resolution of acne distress. - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read - Also Read