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Embarrassed about bed-wetting? Homeopathy can help

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 Dr Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Enuresis, commonly known as bed wetting, is a condition where your urine escapes from the urinary bladder unknowingly or without one having control over it. When this condition occurs at night, after certain age at which normally staying dry is expected, it is called as nocturnal enuresis.

Bed wetting is a common condition in kids up to 4-7 yrs. By age of 5 years most of the kids are toilet trained. Some may still bed wet at the age of 7 years. But when such condition prevails beyond the age of 7 years, you may need to consult a doctor.  Also consult a doctor if your child suddenly starts bed wetting after having dry nights for more than six months.

Bedwetting  not  only  happens  in  kids,  but  it  can  also  affect  the teens as well.

What can be the cause of bed wetting?

The causes can be classified into primary and secondary causes:

  • In primary nocturnal enuresis the child has been bedwetting since he was a baby.
  • In secondary nocturnal enuresis the child has been dry for at least 6 months  and then develops nocturnal enuresis, it can be even after several years of control over the bladder.

Exact cause of bed wetting is not known. But certain factors can be taken into consideration:

  • Genetics – if either of the parents had problem of bedwetting then the child might also develop the condition till the same age as that of parents.
  • Hormonal problems – The anti diuretic hormone (ADH) causes to make less urine at night. But when your body doesn’t make enough ADH then too much urine will be made while you are sleeping.
  • Small bladder – your child maybe unable to hold urine as your child’s urinary bladder may have not been developed enough.
  • Overactive Bladder - Your child’s urinary bladder might be over active wherein it can hold little amount of urine.
  • Deep sleeper - The urinary bladder in our body collects and stores urine. Through the nerves it sends signal to the brain when the bladder is full and receives back signal from the brain to empty it. However, when you are a deep sleeper, you are unable to react to the signal sent by the brain, when the bladder is full causing bed wetting.
  • Caffeine - Consuming too much of drinks containing caffeine causes person to pass more urine.
  • Water before bed: Drinking lot of water before going to bed can also lead to bedwetting.
  •  Fear of darkness: Some kids may avoid going to bathroom at night, to pee, as they might be scared of dark or lazy to move out of bed, resulting in peeing in bed.
  • Stress can also be linked to nocturnal enuresis.

Secondary nocturnal enuresis can be triggered by medical conditions such as:

  • Diabetes,
  • Urinary tract abnormalities,
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Constipation – as  there  can be pressure on the bladder due to hard stools.

How can we diagnose nocturnal enuresis?

If your child has been dry for more than six months  and suddenly starts passing urine when asleep, then you can consult your physician to seek for medical help.

  • Medical history – Your doctor will take a proper  medical history ,may ask about  any  symptoms your child has. About past health, family history of illness or family health.
  • Will ask about Sleep patterns, bowel habits- for constipation, enquire if  any complaints during  urination.
  • May also discuss about stress or stressful situation that might be contributing to nocturnal enuresis.

Certain tests may be required to rule out or confirm causative factors:

  • Urine analysis,
  • Urine culture,
  • Radiological studies.

Homeopathy help for bed wetting

You can opt for homeopathic treatment for bed wetting. The physician will give counseling to the child. Not only the child but also the parents need counseling, as they get panicked with their child’s condition. The doctor will go into detail case history.  The medicines will act, not only on the physical and mental level but will also take care of the emotional health of the child. If any underlying secondary cause of nocturnal enuresis is there, then it will be treated with the homeopathic medicines safely, effectively and without any side effects.

How can you help your child overcome bed wetting?

Older children and teens having nocturnal enuresis often feel embarrassed. They may avoid going for night stay at friends place or going for camps.

If parents start discussing about their condition in the family they might feel humiliated and start avoiding people due to shaming. They might develop fear of being teased by siblings and friends.

So if you want to help your child overcome bedwetting:

  • First, stop making your child feel embarrassed and ashamed in front of others by talking to people about his problem. It will make things worse.
  •  You can tell your child about yourself or any of the family member having similar problem in their childhood and that everything is going to be just fine. Also see that you don’t punish your child for bed wetting.
  • See that your child avoids drinking too much water before bed time. Instead, encourage them to drink more water, throughout the day.
  • Limit the consumption of food and drinks containing caffeine.
  • Tell your child to go to toilet before going to bed or even wake up your child and take her to toilet at night.
  • Older children or teens, who are deep sleepers, can use bed wetting alarms
  • You can reward your child every time they wake up dry.

If medical help is required you can see your physician.

So, if there is no secondary cause, then stop worrying. Bedwetting will go away on its own. Else, homeopathy is the safe and sure treatment to help your child overcome bed wetting.