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Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Loss
Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Loss

Effective Home Remedies to Control Hair Loss

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

Any hairfall treatment has to be executed very well. Hairloss can also be an indicator of so many diseases and some as serious as cardiac ailments too. Firstly ruling out the type of hairloss is very important. Second comes establishing the reasons for hairfall. After gaining adequate knowledge about the type and hairloss reasons then comes customizing an effective hairfall solution. Homeopathy medicine for hairloss is very effective and has long term results.

Homeopathic medicine for Hairloss

Homeopathic treatment for hairloss is the best.  

Homeopathy is free from any side-effects.

Homeopathic medicines for hairfall like Ferrum –Phos and Calcarea- Phos help immensely in Iron-deficiency anemia.

Hair lotions available in market to control hair loss are very high in chemicals and can cause a chemical burn on the scalp skin leading to permanent hairloss and scars in the affected areas. Homeopathic medicine for hairloss has no such side-effects as the medicines are oral medicines.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and treats the patient as well as the disease. Hair loss and iron-deficiency anemia can be treated with Homoeopathy without having 10 different medicines unlike conventional medicines.

Homeopathy is a mind-body medicine. Homeopathy treats not only the physical complaints but also targets the mind and gently restores mind-body equilibrium- thus it treats the patient as a whole. This makes homeopathy an excellent solution for hair problems related to the mind such as stress-induced massive hair shedding.

Effective home remedies for hairfall control

In any disease condition, whether it be hair fall or skin disease or any other disease, medicines alone cannot help to treat the disease. Proper nutrition is also very important part of any treatment. Any number of external treatments would not give you the desired result unless you incorporate a healthy eating habit. Your body needs to be treated from within. Below we have shared a few home remedies which can help you help control hairloss along and get better and faster treatment results.

  1. Garden Cress Seeds (Halim / Aliv)

Garden cress seeds are known as halim or aliv seeds in local language. They are very beneficial in preventing hair loss. A lot of individuals suffer from hair loss because of iron deficiency anaemia. Garden cress seeds contain good amounts of folic acid and iron. So when it is consumed for atleast 2months the iron levels in haemoglobin increase and help in treating iron deficiency anemia. It also contains phyto-estrogens which help to regularize hormones which in turn help to regulate menstrual cycle in women. Garden cress seeds also contain significant amounts of Vitamin C. Hence they are beneficial for hairloss for individuals who undergo chemotherapy. There are many methods of consuming Garden cress seeds like making ladoo balls with coconut or adding it to regular all spice ladoos which as Indian tradition are given to females who have just delivered babies. You can prepare porridge with milk and jaggery and have it too.

       2. Green Tea

Green tea is very popular for its number of health benefits. It is known to be full of antioxidants which destroy the bacteria and produce cancer-fighting flavonoids. Over-production of 5-alpha-reductase converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone faster which leads to thinning of hair and balding.

Green tea may not cure androgenetic alopecia but may have the potential to inhibit the action of 5-alpha-reductase. Green tea also contains Panthenol which helps to strengthen the hair tress and avoids it from developing split ends. The antioxidants in green tea are known to prevent the scalp from flaking hence very helpful in patients who suffer from dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

       3. Fruits

Fruits are known to be the best sources of vitamins and nutrients, making them a major constituent of our daily diet. It would not be surprising to know that fruits have the potential to enhance hair growth, strengthen the tresses and improve the quality of hair. Rather than applying fruits as hair mask consuming them as they are would be much more beneficial for hair growth. Vitamins  like Vitamin A,C, D, E, K , B1, B2, Niacin, B6, B9, B5, B12 and Biotin help in  reducing inflammation, increases blood circulation, boosts oxygen supply, and repairs damaged hair follicle. Consuming fruits like oranges, berries, apples, peach, plums, grapes, pineapples and avocado would provide you with these vitamins. Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium and Chromium are essential for healthy hair and prevents hair fall. Consuming fruits like bananas would be of great benefit.

      4. Vegetables

Consuming good amount of vegetables is the most humble way to prevent hairfall. They contain vitamins, minerals and fibres which are known to help with hair growth and maintain its texture and smoothness. Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, beet, curry leaves, onions and all leafy vegetables are very essential part of our diet to provide us with adequate vitamins and minerals to prevent Iron-deficiency anemia which is known to cause hair loss. They are also rich in Biotin which is required to strengthen the hair roots and the hair does not fall out easily.

     5.  Nuts

Nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids; proteins, selenium, and zinc are the best sources for promoting hair growth and healthy, stronger hair. Consuming nuts like almonds, pine nuts, walnuts and pistachios have great benefits for hair growth. Coconut can be considered as a fruit, nut or seed. Benefits of coconut for hair are known worldwide. Coconut oil comprises of smaller medium chained fatty acids which make it easy for coconut oil to penetrate into hair roots easily and more deeply, hence it acts as a best conditioner. It helps repair dry frizzy hair and prevents split ends. Oiling your hair with coconut oil twice a week at bed-time and washing it next morning would be greatly beneficial to help scalp receive regular moisturizing and conditioning.

     6. Beans

Beans are great sources of Vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, sulphur, zinc and biotin. Incorporating beans in your daily diet can also help to provide you with proteins required for hair growth. However people who are not consuming beans regularly should gradually incorporate it in their diet as it may cause gases and abdominal bloating.

     7.  Seeds

Seeds are packed with copper, Vitamin E, zinc, folate, iron and vitamin B12. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin to have flawless skin and shiny hair. Consuming seeds like pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds would help our hair to be lustrous and shiny. Black sesame seeds contain good amounts of copper and zinc which helps to prevent hair greying and hair thinning.

     8. Eggs

Eggs are known to be having good amount of proteins. The white of an egg contains riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, sodium and potassium which are also beneficial for hair growth. 1 boiled egg contains 13gms of proteins. The daily requirement of proteins by our body is 36 – 46gms. Egg yolks are full of proteins, vitamin B-complex and folic acids. Hence consuming 1 full egg on daily basis would greatly benefit hair growth.

    9. Sea foods

Sea foods are excellent sources of omega – 3 fatty acids and have been linked to promote hair growth. Ever seen a fisherwoman? She has thick black hair and healthy locks. It not only contains omega-3 fatty acids but also contains omega-6 fatty acids which help to reduce hairloss and increase hair density. Fish and Shrimps are good sources of proteins, selenium, vitamin D3 which helps to promote healthy hair.

Zinc is a mineral and supports the hair repairing process. Oysters are rich in zinc. Consuming it in adequate amounts would help to reverse acute hair loss. Shrimps are also a good source

   10. Lean meats like Chicken

Good quality chicken contains good amounts of proteins which are essential for hair growth. Protein content in a chicken also strengthens the hair and increases the bioavailability of iron which promotes healthy hair growth.

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