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Dos and Don’ts to get rid of Pimples

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 Dr. Batra’s™  July 7, 2020

I am 21 year old man. A year back I was suffering from large pimples on my face which were very painful. I had gone to a municipal hospital and was examined by a skin specialist. I was told that I was suffering from cystic acne. I was given antibiotics and some creams to apply on my face. But it would be better till I would take the medicine and it would recur as soon as the effect of the conventional medicine would become less. Then I resorted to homoeopathic treatment and after complete case study he was given homeopathic medicines. The acne had subsided in a month’s time. I continued the treatment for a year and there was no recurrence of the problem.

After going through a great ordeal with these large pimples I would like to tell you a few dos and don’ts to get rid of these pimples and you can have a scar free face just like me.

 I was lucky that I quickly switched over to a homeopathic medicine for acne. I was correctly diagnosed that stress and using low quality products on my face had triggered my acne problem. Based on that the homeopathic medicine just worked wonders and all the acne disappeared in just a month’s time but I continued taking treatment to stop the recurrence. I have a clear face with an awesome complexion today because along with the homeopathic medicine for acne, I was also advised on the diet. This helped me improve my eating habits and chose my food wisely.

Reasons for Pimples

During puberty, both boys and girls produce high levels of androgens, the male sex hormones that include testosterone. Testosterone signals the body to make more sebum, the oil produced in the skin's oil glands. Excess sebum clogs the oil gland and a pimple grows. Bacteria could grow in these clogged follicles which cause pus, the most common bacteria is Propionibacterium acnes. Other reasons for pimples could be starting or stopping birth control pills, hormonal changes during pregnancy, PCOS, certain type of medicines, usage of low quality greasy cosmetics and stress.

Dos to get rid of Pimples

  1. Get yourself diagnosed as to why pimples have triggered. Choose your doctor wisely and in my experience homeopathic medicine for acne is very effective and gives us long term results.

There different homeopathic medicines for acne depending on the individual case and nature of complaints. Seeking help from a professional homeopath for treatment of acne always proves beneficial. Scarring of the skin is also prevented with homeopathic medicine for acne making your skin look aesthetically beautiful.

  1. Hydrate yourself well as it helps to eliminate toxins from your body.
  2. Consume good amount of fruits and vegetables. Add on good amounts of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C as they help to reduce the recurrence and helps to keep your skin pimple free. Carrots, orange, amla, sweet limes, kiwi, berries are your best bet to get a clear skin.
  3. Use good quality products and do not repeat the mistake which I made. Ask your doctor and he/she will be the best to recommend you the best product according to your skin type.
  4. Do cope with stress by meditating or exercising or doing yoga and morning exposure to adequate sunlight. Catch up on a good night sleep as this is the main time where the skin repairs. So a good night sleep is very essential in accelerating the healing process.

Don’ts to get rid of Pimples

  1. I think we all know it very well that we don’t have to squeeze a pimple. But still we cannot stop our hands and we tend to squeeze it. If you want to look like a moon with craters then you can continue but if you want to have a clear skin once again then avoid squeezing the pimple. Keep your hands off your face. Avoid scratching your face.
  2. Do not wash your face repeatedly with facewash as the chemicals in the facewash can harm your skin more. It can even dry out the skin causing more acne. You can splash just plain water and dab it lightly with a clean tissue instead.
  3. Do not ever scrub your skin. Do not use heavy creams or moisturizers for your skin. Always choose non-comedogenic products. Choose water based products and not the oil based ones as they can clog the pores and cause the pimples to flare up.
  4. Do not experiment on your face by the advertised products on television or hoarders. Rather visit the doctor and get yourself diagnosed and take proper treatment.
  5. Do not consume aerated drinks, tea and coffee as they can flare up pimples. Do not eat deep fried foods or junk foods as they disturb blood circulation and build up toxins in the body which can cause pimples and many other diseases too.  

By resorting to these tips you should surely find positive changes.

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