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Sep 23, 2009

This young man with psoriasis believed his career was ruined due to the disease- until homeopathy salvaged him.

Faisal Khan (name changed) was only 20 years old when he was diagnosed with psoriasis. He came to Dr Batra's™ complaining of raised, red eruptions with a lot of scaling and intense itching. The eruptions were spread over his trunk, back, legs, scalp and hands. He was suffering since two years when he came to us for homeopathic treatment.

Faisal told us that his skin used to itch unbearably, with lots of scaling. Along with psoriasis, he was also suffering from recurrent tonsillitis, which would afflict him almost every month.

He used to feel very embarrassed when someone would ask him about the disease. Faisal was in third year B.Com. and along with his studies he was also doing some modeling assignments. He was a very ambitious and aspiring student, and wanted to take up modelling as his career.

Shattered by the statement given by his dermatologist that his problem was incurable, he had completely lost hope. He believed he would now have to put up with psoriasis all his life, accepting the disease as his destiny. He was very depressed when he was refused certain modelling assignments and told to get proper treatment for his skin disease.

Later, he planned to apply for cabin crew, but he dropped that idea, thinking that he would be rejected there too. He believed that he had nothing to achieve in his life, showed disinterest in everything, and became aloof over a period of time. When he approached us at Dr Batra's™, he was dejected with his life and had the feeling that his career was completely ruined.

After a detailed homoeopathic case study, he was prescribed his constitutional remedy by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™

As the treatment progressed over a period of time, his skin eruptions cleared gradually to a considerable extent within two to three months. This relieved him considerably from the stress of the disease. Further treatment cleared most of his eruptions. He was beginning to gain back the confidence in himself now.

Today, Faisal is positive about his career and he is sure that one day, he will definitely become a successful model. He is also planning to apply for cabin crew. When he walks into the clinic, he is no longer the same person who visited our clinic long back. He is a completely different man with new hope in his eyes. His problem of recurrent tonsillitis also reduced to a great extent; now he gets an episode of tonsillitis only once in four months and the episodes are not so severe as before, neither does he need to take any antibiotics for the same. Faisal is glad he took the decision to opt for homeopathic treatment at Dr Batra's™ at the right time.