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Dec 8, 2012

Homeopathy treatment not only cured congenital epidermolysis bullosa, but gave a fresh life to the newborn.

A young couple, Mr and Mrs Syed (name changed), came to Dr Batra's™ Thane clinic carrying their 25-day-old male child in a thin muslin cloth. The child had multiple fluid filled bullae all over his body, also near his eyes, which were rupturing, at times with bloody discharge. They were feeling helpless and the mother kept sobbing persistently, during the case history session.

This had started on the day of his birth within a few hours and he was put on antibiotics. The eye specialist had also observed some superficial corneal abrasion. A detailed diagnosis confirmed congenital epidermolysis bullosa disease. The probable cause was the consanguineous marriage of his parents. Worried about the wellbeing of their child, they had taken him to various doctors in Mumbai, without much relief.

Based on the case history and disease symptoms, we prescribed homeopathic remedy Cornus Circinata 30. The infant also suffered from mouth lesions, making it difficult for us to prescribe any oral medication. Homeopathic medicines can also be absorbed through the skin, so we prescribed the medicine, which could be applied twice a day between the webs of fingers and toes.

The parents were advised the following preventive measures:
Appropriate care of hygiene to prevent secondary bacterial infection.
Avoid the usage of soap and use a cleansing lotion instead.
Prevent / avoid any form of mechanical injury to the skin in the form of traditional massages given to the newborn as the skin of the child was very fragile.

The infant miraculously started showing improvement from the first month itself. The frequency of blisters considerably reduced and they started healing speedily. His skin lesions started clearing, without any trace of pus or blood discharge. The parents were able to clean the child well without any fear of the lesions getting ruptured. The overall development of the child was very normal. Physical as well as mental milestones predetermined by us were well on time. The mouth lesions also improved, so the child could be fed properly and he started gaining weight as well. In three months, the child doubled his birth weight and continued to gain weight further.

Homeopathy treatment not only cured congenital epidermolysis bullosa, but also gave a fresh life to the newborn.