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Mar 29, 2011

16-year-old Shahrukh was hit by low self-confidence due to lichen planus eruptions on his arms and legs.

16-year-old Shahrukh [Name changed], suffered from itchy eruptions on the arms and legs for two years. There was severe itching of the eruptions. Shahrukh had taken different treatments, but none seemed to have helped him in any way. He decided to start on homeopathic treatment to see if he would be rid of his outward distress.

Shahrukh eruptions, diagnosed as lichen planus, used to get worse every winter. The eruptions were dark brown to near-black in colour; there was some scaling, accompanied by intense itching. Shahrukh was in good health, otherwise. During case-analysis, he told us that he was prone to sweat profusely all over the body.

There was no history of any major illnesses; none of his family members had any health complaint either. Shahrukh was the youngest among six siblings. He stayed with his parents. Shy and quiet by nature, Shahrukh also appeared to be a tad stubborn at times.

He seemed to quietly avoid people and any kind of social interaction too, due to his skin dilemma. He felt inferior and neglected. He thought that he would soon be left alonethis was his greatest fear. His self-confidence was taking a thump and reaching dangerously low levels.

Based on his symptoms and history, followed by a thorough examination of his lesions, the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ Clinic prescribed Kali Sulphuricum 200. After a few weeks of treatment, Shahrukh started experiencing tangible improvement in his symptoms, along with a diminution of his lesions. With continued treatment, there was a marked reduction in the lesions  also, no new ones erupted thereafter.

After one year of homeopathic treatment, Shahrukh experienced lasting relief from lichen planus, along with a remarkable change in his attitude. He exuded improved self-confidence, along with a healthy, positive outlook towards life.