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Jul 24, 2009

Vitiligo since 10 years stressed him tremendously until homeopathic treatment took care of it.

43-year-old male, Suresh M (Name Changed), reported to Dr Batra's™ for the treatment of Vitiligo. He had Vitiligo since 10 years and had taken allopathic ointments (primarily steroidal) for the same initially, followed by homeopathy as well as Ayurvedic treatment. He had not received much relief from these treatments and, in fact, the disease had been increasing since the last five years. Six months before he reported to us, the disease had starting spreading fast. 

He had white patches primarily on his face, forehead, neck, chest, hands and elbows. His health was good otherwise, with no major complaints. The patient reported being under tremendous stress on account of his disease. 

Suresh was good natured with a large friends' circle and social group. He loved to talk, read books and play chess. He had a great passion for chess and had been the chess champion of his college. Very hard-working and sincere, he had maintained good relations with everyone around including at his workplace where he was at a managerial level. He had good relations with his superiors as well as workers.

The patient had always been above average in studies and number one in elocution. Another trait that he mentioned was being very tolerant in general. The patient's father was a very mild and nervous person though he was very intelligent and a disciplined man. His mother was a very courageous woman who was a homemaker. 

General features like appetite, thirst, stools, urine were all normal in his case. He was very fond of chicken, fish, eggs, spicy food and sweets. He loved to eat and believed one should enjoy food to the fullest. He would not like it if there was no non-vegetarian food even a single day. He was not fond of vegetables in general. Suresh would not be able to tolerate fasting at all and it would give him headaches. Milk and coconut water were amongst the things he relished a lot. He would not be able to take cold water frequently since it would give him a sore throat. 

In the past, he would perspire profusely especially on the palms, so much so that he would never go anywhere without a handkerchief. This hyperhydrosis had improved significantly after homeopathic treatment. His sweat was non-offensive and non-staining. His sleep was not very refreshing and there were particular dreams that he described. The patient was comfortable in winter season in general and preferred cold water for a bath. 

In the past, he had suffered from anal fissure on account of being severely constipated; there were no complaints after he got treated for the same. The patient's father suffered from high cholesterol and there was no history of any other illness in the family. No one in his family had Vitiligo as far as he could remember. 

Based on the above history, he was prescribed homeopathic medicines by the consultant doctor at Dr Batra's™ . He gradually showed signs of improvement whereby the rate at which new patches appeared reduced considerably. Later, the existing patches showed slow but steady re-pigmentation. Continued treatment for about 18 months resulted in nearly complete re-pigmentation of the patches on his face, forehead, neck and chest. He could now face the world with renewed confidence and he was a happy man for choosing the right treatment at the right time.