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Dec 24, 2009

Multiple ointments and cauterisation didn't help this patient's warts, homeopathy did!

With numerous, small, fleshy, skin-coloured growths on his palms, fingers, and toes, 32-year-old Mr Kartik (name changed) reported to Dr Batra's™ for treatment. He had been suffering from multiple viral warts since the last two years. The warts had been gradually increasing in size and number. For the past few weeks, these warts had also become tender. He had been using some ointments prescribed by his dermatologist, but these had not helped him much. He had also undergone cauterisation once with a recurrence of the warts after the same.

Kartik had an average build with a normal appetite and thirst. He was fond of spicy foods. He had no complaints pertaining to his bowels and urination. His sleep was good and refreshing.

Off-late, Kartik was going through a lot of work-related stress. The workload, deadlines, pressure, etc., would be quite stressful for him. He mentioned that he would easily get irritated about insignificant things. Occasionally, he would feel like quitting his job due to the stress involved in his work.

Kartik had a happy and cheerful nature in general. He would not like to remain idle and would like to keep working on something or the other. He was afraid of heights, though there was no particular reason for this. Embarrassment was becoming an issue for him since some time on account of his warts. He had noticed that people would avoid shaking hands with him due to the warts he had.

Based on his complaints and the history given by him, he was prescribed Causticum 200 by his treating doctor at Dr Batra's™. In just about six weeks after starting medication, he reported that the warts on his left hand had completely disappeared. The warts on his right hand were still persistent, though better than before. After another 12 weeks of medication, he reported to us with complete freedom from all the warts. All the warts on his fingers and toes had completely disappeared, and he could now work without any discomfort. His confidence had also improved since he would no longer feel embarrassed to shake hands with others.