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Jul 24, 2009

A computer engineer with asthma and acne experiences freedom from all his complaints with homeopathy.

Rohit Kumar (name changed) had learnt to live with his asthma since the last eight years. Little did he know that opting for homeopathy might rid him of the inhalers he had been constantly using for all these years, every single day. 

Two puffs a day of steroidal inhalers was a part of his daily routine, but there was no change in his condition for all these years with the treatment. He would still get equally worse during weather changes, with seasonal allergies, etc. 

Besides this, he also complained of acne since seven years. He would develop tiny pustular eruptions on the cheeks that would itch a lot. Occasionally, they would become hard and quite painful. He had an oily skin in general with marks on the face due to past eruptions. Chocolates and stress would evidently worsen his complaints. Allopathic medicines and topical creams had given only temporary relief when he decided on opting for homeopathy for his complaints.

General features like appetite, thirst, and stools and urine were normal. His sweat would smell offensive and would leave yellowish stains on the garments. He was fond of sweets and chocolates, and averse to fish.

A computer engineer by profession, Rohit stayed with his wife and two-year-old son in the USA. Overall, he was a cheerful, loving-natured person, wanting good of everyone. He would get too emotional at times, but was working on it. Financial instability was a stressor, and he was also concerned about family and health in general. When angry, he would get into an argumental mode and would sweat profusely while trying to hide his anger. 

Fastidious about his things, he would make sure that all his stuff was always properly kept. Overall, he described his life as busy and pleasant.

The consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed constitutional treatment for his asthma and acne based on his history. The patient seemed to be more concerned about his acne because of the superficial nature of the condition. Within the initial three months after starting treatment, he could taper down and completely stop his steroidal inhalers. During this span, there was a slight worsening of his acne, which bothered him a lot. However, his condition gradually started improving and his acne got better as the treatment progressed. About 10 months down the line, his skin had cleared up very well and he no longer suffered from outbreaks of acne . Not to mention that he lived a normal life without the aid of inhalers any more, thanks to homeopathy!