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Jun 1, 2016

An engineer suffering from psoriasis for eight years finds respite from his problem with homeopathy.

Deepak (name changed) suffered from psoriasis for eight long years and tried numerous therapies before he came to Dr Batra's™ seeking treatment. All of 22 years, he was tired of this affliction, which had troubled him for so long. The lesions of psoriasis were extensively spread on his elbows, hands and back with a lot of itching, especially at night. These lesions would worsen during winter and upon exposure to sunlight. Sometimes, the lesions would bleed upon excessive scratching and become painful. Along with psoriasis, Deepak also was suffering from frequent cold and cough.

In general, his appetite was good and he loved to eat. Deepak was very fond of sweets and chocolates. Burgers were a part of his daily meal. His thirst, bowel movements and perspiration were all normal, and he had no complaints pertaining to the same. He had a preference for warm weather and was sensitive to cold in general. One cigarette every day was a routine for him and he would consume alcohol at social functions only.

Deepak stayed in a nuclear family and had one younger sibling. His father had a transferable job. During his childhood, he was pampered by his parents. Deepak was obedient and disciplined initially but after grade VII, he started revolting to the ideas of his teachers and started living in his own way. He used to think that his teachers are very boring. Due to his anarchist behaviour, his teachers concluded that he was careless in studies, though he would score good marks at school.

Deepak was pursuing a career in engineering when he sought treatment with Dr Batra's™ . He said that his close friends felt like he had the habit of building air castles, theorising and being careless with his tasks. He would also tend to postpone his tasks very often. On one hand, he was a very practical person who believed in following his mind rather than heart but on the other hand, he was very emotional too. He would easily get upset when his parents were in trouble. He was an introvert by nature and didn't like to mix with people; he shared his feelings only with his close friends.

Based on these details of the case, Deepak was prescribed a constitutional remedy by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™. As the treatment continued over a period of time, his skin lesions gradually started clearing up. The psoriasis reduced to a considerable extent within three to four months. With this response, he was relieved of a great burden on his mind and his stress levels became significantly less. His lesions almost disappeared after about one and a half years of regular treatment. There were phases in between when the disease would flare up a little due to seasonal changes; however, such phases were well controlled with treatment. Today, Deepak is a happy person who has not only gained back his confidence with treatment but has also become much more responsible by nature.