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Mar 13, 2012

Tormented by erythrodermic psoriasis, Narayan was on the verge of hospitalisation.

65-year-old Narayan (name changed) came to Dr Batra's™ in a very critical state the psoriasis patches that covered his whole body were oozing, he felt extremely chilly and was wrapped up in a sweater even with the warmth of September still lingering around. His suffering was evident in the fact that he was pleading to rid him of this pain and had tears streaming down the patches that had not even spared his face. He had been advised hospitalisation buthe  insisted on being treated with homeopathy because he was fed up of allopathic drugs that seemed to take his condition nowhere. He urged the doctor to take just one chance and treat him with homeopathy medicines.

Narayan had endured erythrodermic psoriasis for seven years it had thinned out his skin; the offensive oozing filling the room with an odour he could not stand himself. Tormented by the itching and tightly-bound feeling of the skin, he had almost given up hope of being cured. Psoriasis had killed the confidence of the man who had once been a respectable general manager at a reputed firm, from where he retired seven years ago.

Narayan had severed all contacts after he went into depression due to psoriasis. He remained confined within the walls of his room, never feeling the urge to go out and socialise. He would not even touch his grandchildren, let alone play with them, for fear that they would catch psoriasis from him. He had always been a disciplined man, reserved by nature and highly respected in his circle.

He had been under tremendous stress recently when his son got married to a woman who, they later discovered, was schizophrenic. The turn of events, his „¢s divorce, and numerous visits to the court left him feeling very insulted but he never expressed anything to anyone. He went through the entire ordeal quietly and curbed all emotions from coming to the fore so deep-rooted was his suppression.

Based on his case details, he was prescribed Staphysagria by the consultant doctor at Dr Batra's™. One month later, Narayan returned with a little smile and fewer patches to trouble him. The oozing from the psoriasis had reduced considerably and he, for once, was beginning to feel that the cure was not too far. Month after month, Narayan's psoriasis got better and by the end of about five months of homeopathic treatment, his patches had almost cleared up. He was asked to continue medication for some more time to see that there was no relapse. Narayan remarked that he had never felt this good in years. He was extremely grateful to Dr for giving him a new life.