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Feb 20, 2010

Tired of creams and ointments that didn't help her acne, this patient decided to opt for homeopathy.

After trying all sorts of creams and ointments prescribed to her for acne, Meenal (name changed) noticed no major change in her acne and started looking for a lasting solution. She was visibly frustrated, because nothing seemed to improve her skin, when she decided to visit Dr Batra's™ for her treatment.

All of 19 years, Meenal had suddenly started facing acne problem since the last two years. She would develop painful, pustular eruptions on the face, back and chest, and these would keep cropping up without any significant reduction in intensity in spite of using various local applications. Meenal was quite frustrated and embarrassed about her pimples (acne), which would leave behind dark (hyperpigmented) spots/marks on her face.

She remarked during the case that this would annoy her a lot and make her feel helpless because she loved to be presentable but was unable to do so. She had started avoiding meeting people because she felt she looked ugly and would be questioned about the same.

Meenal also had a dandruff problem and there was a strong history of acne on her maternal side. Her appetite, bowel movements, sleep were all normal. She was fond of spicy foods and would always prefer chilled water for drinking. She was averse to okra.

In general, Meenal was a very friendly girl, always a leader in school with good communication skills; active participant in all school activities. She excelled in studies and always stood first in class.

Based on her history, she was prescribed her constitutional remedy by the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™. Over a period of time, she showed excellent signs of improvement. The new breakouts of acne significantly reduced and the existing acne cleared up well. The dark (hyperpigmented) marks on her face also started fading gradually. She experienced significant relief from dandruff as well. With continued treatment for two years, Meenal got rid of her acne and today, she is a happy lady who presents herself with renewed confidence.