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Jul 24, 2009

Loss of hair along the scalp margin (Ophiasis) made him seek homeopathic treatment.

23-year-old male patient, Mr Rajesh Mishra (name changed) came to Dr Batra's™ for the treatment of his alopecia, which had begun three years prior to reporting to us. His complaints had started as loss of hair in bands along the scalp margin encircling the head (ophiasis). He had taken allopathic medicationbefore coming to us, but without any relief. 

There was pain in the patches before he started losing hair from there. The patches were along the frontal, temporal and occipital margins of the scalp, and were gradually progressing. He had even lost hair from the eyebrows - the loss being more evident in his right eyebrow. 

His father had a history of losing hair at an early age and developing baldness by 35 years of age. His grandfather had diabetes mellitus and cardiac complaints (details unknown). 

The patient's general functions such as appetite, thirst, stools, urine, etc., were normal. Perspiration was profuse on the face and scalp. He was fond of spicy and non-vegetarian food. Sleep would be sound, with no dreams in particular. He could not tolerate the heat of summer. His habits included alcohol occasionally and smoking five or six cigarettes daily. 

His family included his parents, two sisters and a brother. Describing his happy childhood, he mentioned he was average in studies and not very ambitious as a person. Confidence level, as he described it, was good, though he would get anxious in front of people and had stage-fright. 

The patient added that he was short-tempered and aggressive; he would especially get angry when someone would cheat him and would express his anger by shouting. He described having loving affection for one girl in the past; however the girl had no such feelings and there was no reciprocation of the same. This had depressed him for quite some time and in spite of this, he did not want to let go of the relation with her. 

Music was something he was very fond of and would listen to it when he was alone. He described himself as a practical person who would get dominating at times. He was not open regarding his feelings and would bottle up his emotions quite often, which would be a cause of stress for him. He had somewhat of a laid-back attitude wherein he mentioned that he would not mind postponing things and could even take failure without much discomfort. Company of people was acceptable to him but he would not like being much with his own relatives. 

The consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed him with his constitutional drug after studying his case in detail. Gradually, over a period of one year, his complaints persistently got better with homeopathic treatment and he started regaining hair over all the patches. His scalp and eyebrows got completely normal after about a year's treatment, and he was a happy and confident man. He was very glad about seeking the right kind of treatment for his complaints at Dr Batra's™ .