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Jul 24, 2009

Teenager suffered from Psoriasis for one and a half years until he came to us for treatment.

16-year-old Sandeep Shrivastava (Name Changed) reported to Dr Batra's™ for the treatment of psoriasis. He had been suffering from this condition for the last one and a half years before he came to us for treatment.

The psoriasis had started as small, discreet, red, dry and itchy lesions on the scalp. The disease gradually started spreading over his legs thighs, hands, buttocks and other parts. There was a lot of scaling from the patches. Extensive psoriatic patches were present on his body when he came to us. He had taken allopathic treatment (including steroids and methotrexate) for almost one year but with no relief. In fact, his condition kept on aggravating in spite of treatment.

His general features such as appetite, thirst, stool, urination were normal with no complaints. He would sweat excessively especially on the scalp. He was very fond of eggs. The patient was the only child of his parents and was scared of his mother, who was a dominating woman. Being lethargic by nature, he would like to keep lying down all the time and his hobbies included watching TV. He would not like any kind of physical or mental tensions. He was an introvert and took time to mingle with others and had a submissive temperament. Though he was intelligent and grasped subjects well, he would make silly mistakes on account of his laziness and hence would not perform well.

There was no history of psoriasis in his family. His maternal grandfather suffered from diabetes mellitus. He himself had suffered from recurrent tonsillitis since childhood. 

Based on his history, the consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed him with his constitutional drug. After starting treatment, he experienced a slight worsening of his symptoms initially, which was followed by relief from the symptoms. With continued treatment at Dr Batra's™, he experienced lasting relief from his complaints and was very satisfied with the results.