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Nov 24, 2009

Polycystic ovarian disease causing hair loss, irregular menses brought this 32-year-old lady to us.

On account of her hair loss, irregular menses and a host of other complaints, 32-year-old Sushma Rane (name changed) visited Dr Batra's™ for homeopatic treatment. She had been suffering from hair loss for the last two years before she came to us. She tried all sorts of oils, shampoos, other treatments for her problem but it did not help her.

Along with the hair loss and irregular menses, she also suffered from a depressive mood, irritability and a gradual increase in her weight. The sonography (USG) of her pelvis had revealed that she had polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Her complaints could be clearly attributed to the PCOD.

General features such as appetite and thirst were normal, and she had a liking for fried food, salty food and cold drinks. Bowel movements and urination were normal with no complaints due to the same. Her sweat would be scanty in general. She would be sleepless quite often since she would think a lot while in bed.

There was no history of hair loss among the family members but her relatives on both paternal and maternal side had diabetes. Sushma was very worried about her hair loss when she decided to visit us at Dr Batra's™. A thorough case analysis was done for her and this revealed that she was very timid and shy since she had been brought up in a very protective environment since childhood. Sushma had been born and brought up in Kolkata, and used to be very dependent on her parents for every little thing.

By nature, she was a very soft spoken person besides being loving, understanding, adjusting, sharing and compromising. She pursued her career in software engineering but could not complete it due to some domestic problems and later worked in Mumbai as a marketing executive for four years. Sushma was a person with high confidence and good decision making capability. She got married in 2002. Hers was a love marriage but later she felt her husband didn't support her much. Due to this, she would turn aggressive at times. Even though she would feel angry and depressed about this, she did not speak out to him about the same. She felt that she was being dominated by her husband. When offended, she would easily start weeping.

The consulting doctor at Dr Batra's™ prescribed her constitutional remedy based on the above history. After starting treatment, her hair loss gradually started improving. She was losing less hair than before and over a period of time, the volume of hair on her scalp improved as well. With continued treatment at Dr Batra's™, she experienced good relief from her hair loss and was very satisfied with the results.Her menses became regular and she no longer suffered from depressive spells like before.