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Dec 10, 2012

Homeopathy cured oligospermia and gave a new meaning to his life.

42-year-old Shantanu (name changed) visited our Banjara Hills clinic, Hyderabad, with a discouraging look on his face and a bagful of reports. He was accompanied by a friend who is our existing patient. Shantanu spoke very little, but his eyes expressed his plight.

He had stopped his treatment nearly six years ago for a problem called oligospermia, where the sperm count of the person is below the normal level (where the normal count is 20 million); his report showed a sperm count of only two million.

He was dejected by the outcome of his previous treatment. His last report showed that the viability of spermatozoa was nil or zero and the motility was nil. Disappointed by this, he had stopped all treatments thinking that his future was sealed with no hope of having a child.

Persuaded by a relative, he resorted to homeopathy. His friend informed us that the patient was so disappointed with his ailment that he withdrew himself from his social circle and became a loner. He felt that he had lost everything in life. He became a very reserved and extremely introvert person.

Considering his case study  disappointment, apathy and indifference to everything around him we prescribed him Acid Phos 200. He was advised to come every month to the clinic for his follow up and semen analysis to be done once every six months.

In the fourth month of his treatment, he got his semen analysis and found, to his surprise and contentment, that his sperm count had increased to 30 millions and 2% of spermatozoa were viable alive at the end of three hours, and the motility rate, which was nil, became 5%.

Shantanu came with these new reports with admiration in his eyes and praise on his lips for Dr Batra and his team. Homeopathic treatment cured his oligospermia and gave a new meaning to his life.