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Dec 11, 2012

Homeopathy treated refractory anaemia, bringing immense happiness to him and his loved ones.

48-year-old Surya (name changed) had been suffering from refractory anaemia since 2005. Refractory anaemia (RA), similar to other anaemic conditions, cannot be successfully treated by any means other than blood transfusion. It is a preleukemia condition with a 10-20% probability of developing into leukemia. When a person has preleukemia, his bone marrow fails to produce an adequate number of healthy, normal blood cells.

Surya had already undergone blood transfusion lots of times. Each time, his haemoglobin would rise by 2%, but by the end of the month, it would drop by 2%, taking him back to square one. Since his situation was in the depths of despair, he was feeling both helpless and miserable. On top of this, he was worried about the enormous expense incurred on this treatment with no permanent result.

Lack of melioration in him was a source of anxiety among his family and friends. In February 2008, Surya was brought to our Dilsukhnagar branch in Hyderabad by an acquaintance. On the basis of a detailed blood analysis report and case history, we found that his eyes were yellow due to high bilirubin levels of 5 mgs/dl, where the normal range is 0.2 to 1.2mg/dl. His mouth was also filled with ulcers. His appetite had become meager and he was feeling weak due to a low haemoglobin level of just 7.5gms.

Surya was put under the care and supervision of Dr K. Suganthi with homeopathic treatment and was advised not to have any iron supplements. His haemoglobin level started increasing and, within few months, bilirubin levels started to decrease.

By October 2008, his haemoglobin had escalated to 10.6% and was rising steadily, while his bilirubin count reduced to 1.6gms/dl. Homoeopathic treatment at Dr Batra's™ has brought immense happiness to me and my loved ones, proclaims a highly delighted Surya.