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Jul 1, 2010

Experimentation with parlour treatments and home remedies for hair loss did not help this patient much.

When Simran (name changed) visited one of our clinics, the ladies in the waiting room could not take their eyes off her beautiful sari. This 40-year-old woman loved to dress up elegantly and people would always admire her for her dressing sense. She liked being presentable at all times, but hair loss was causing great misery to her lately. She had experimented with all types of home remedies and parlour treatments for eight long years. When nothing else worked, she decided to come to Dr Batra's™ for treatment.

After a detailed consultation, the doctor examined her scalp and hair. There was a widening of the partition and considerable thinning of the hair from the sides too. Her hair was rough and dry. The consulting doctor did a video microscopic study of the scalp and hair, which revealed that she had female pattern baldness. He educated Simran about her condition and also explained to her why she was not improving with home remedies and parlour treatments.

Simran case details were taken. She was a vegetarian and had a strong aversion to sweets. Her appetite, thirst, sweat, bowels, urine, sleep were all normal. Simran had two sons who were born through a caesarian section. Her menses had been regular since the beginning but lately, she had started experiencing heavy flow during her menses.

Simran shared good relations with her parents, siblings, husband and in-laws. She was very young (in class 12) when she got married. She was average in studies and did not like to sit in one place for a long time to study. After her marriage, her husband encouraged her to finish her graduation. He shared the household chores and responsibility of the children while she was studying.

Simran loved to interact with people. She was helpful and forgiving by nature. However, many people took undue advantage of her nature, which used to annoy her. She never told lies and expected the same from others too. She used to get hurt easily if criticised by her near and dear ones. She did not care much about an outsider's opinion for her. Simran was hasty in making decisions, often landing up in difficult situations due to this. It was very easy for other people to convince her to change her decisions and so, her husband was the final decision-maker for her.

Simran was particularly fond of shopping and wearing new clothes. Her selection always used to be unique, she said. She had a peculiar aversion towards ugly people. Other than shopping, Simran loved to sing and dance. She disliked kitchen work and preferred to work in an office rather than be at home.

The case details were worked out by the consulting homeopath at Dr Batra's™ and a constitutional medicine was prescribed for her, along with certain dietary tips and hair care instructions.

Within six months of treatment, her hair loss had come down to normal limits and towards the end of two years of treatment, she could see that the widened hair partition had narrowed down again. The quality of her hair had also improved. Her menstrual flow had returned to normal. She felt bad about having wasted her time and money on fruitless treatments for eight years before coming to Dr Batra's™, but was also glad she found the right treatment before it was too late.