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Dec 8, 2012

Homeopathic treatment completely cured her hidradenitis suppurativa and made her a believer of wonders.

31-year-old Sanjana (name changed) visited Alwarpet clinic with symptoms of recurrent pustular and hard abscess in both her armpits. There was pain and redness with offensive yellow discharge.

On a detailed study, she was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, an exceptional inflammatory skin disease that affects only an estimated 1% of the population. She took conventional treatment for a period of two years that simply palliated the abscess. Twice, she underwent incision and drainage (a surgery to drain the infected areas), yet the abscess relapsed at an interval of only four months.

She suffered from recurrent mild fever with severe body pain. The constant pricking pain made her agitated and stressed. Due to the occurrence of red, tender swelling in her armpits, she was unable to do her day-to-day activities at home. She was not able to move her arms freely. Washing or combing hair was also a painful task for her. She had to quit her job due to excruciating pain. Her confidence was completely shattered. When she realised the fact that there was no cure for her disease in the conventional system of medicine, she resorted to homeopathy.

She was very skeptical initially, because it was the first time she was trying homeopathy. Her husband who accompanied her to the clinic said that she was a very mild and gentle person, but had eventually become irritable, owing to her suffering. She had emotional outbursts most of the time because of her pain and suffering.

After considering the entire case history, we prescribed Pulsatilla 200. In a span of one month, the redness and intensity of pain subsided. There was an expulsion of offensive discharge from the abscess. She did not get fever and the quality of her sleep improvised. Overall, in the course of four months, the abscess reduced considerably. She was kept under thorough observation for a period of two years and no relapse was noticed.

Sanjana was amazed with the fact that all pills are similar and sweet, but they can also do astonishing wonders! This made her a devoted believer of homoeopathy.

Today, her happiness holds no bounds. She rejoined work and is able to perform her routine work with ease.